Global Warming - Home energy saving devices

  georgemac © 08:37 25 Jan 2007

I am interested in trying to do my bit to help reduce carbon emissions. I have started using my laptop at home instead of my desktop, and a power monitor device I bought showed that the laptop used 0.07 kwh for a whole day+evening use compared to 1.53 kwh for using my desktop for a shorter period - just during the day.

click here is a device which it claims would reduce your electricity usage by 10-20%, simply plugs into a normal socket and costs less than £50 - is this hype or will this actually work?

click here the same firm makes powwer savers for your car or boiler at home and I have the same questions

If these things work as claimed, why are they not being promoted heavily by the government and green campaigners - George Bush could almost make his gasoline targets by making manufacturer fit these to American cars.

  johndrew 11:49 25 Jan 2007

As with all such items I question their viability. How much energy did it cost to make and will it save more than the amount in its functional life?

The ideas and principles are good but at times the commercial aspects overtake them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:37 25 Jan 2007

Power factor correction is a viable means of reducing the power used, works best on devices that are a heavy "resitive load"

But no metion of how the second works so I cannot comment.

  Weskit 18:17 25 Jan 2007

But how can a unit merely connected to the main electricty supply affect the power consumed by other appliances? I don't follow the principle involved. Is this akin to wearing a magnetic bracelet to improve one's health?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:32 25 Jan 2007

click here

a large version of whats in the Powersaver click here

Power factor correction click here

  lixdexik 18:34 25 Jan 2007

sometime ago, but it was specifically for a fridge or freezer. you had to wire the appliance into this thing as you would with any normal 13amp plug. then sit back and save money. Did I save money? no idea! how can you possibly tell. it seemed a good idea. Perhaps it is just a feelgood factor. makes you think you are doing something good.



  namtas 00:38 26 Jan 2007

I would assume that it is reducing the wattless units that you use, Watless units is energy that is paid for as metered but does no work. Perhaps this article will explain the use in this instance in industry.

click here

  jack 15:42 26 Jan 2007

I cannot comment of the electricity energy management unit.

But alleged fuel saver for I/C engines have been around for many years off and on- and looked like and perhaps worked on the principle of gas regulators that they bare a resemblance to.
How such devices work in conjunction with the the electronic management packages of modern engines will need some due consideration.
Having said that I used to look askance to scale inhibitors that were advertised in the weekend papers.
Just clip this gadget to you water pipe they said and scale will not form.

Oh yeah another catch penny.

Then one year I noticed them on sale in B&Q
I reasoned if they sell 'em there must be something in it.
So I purchased one. 2 magnets formed a collar on the water inlet above the stop cock and strapped in place.
Lo no scale, not only that existing coatings simply melted away, such that does form in the kettle is soft and rinses out.
So perhaps there is something in these devices after all.
Has Which? done a test yet?

  Curio 18:23 26 Jan 2007

Home energy saving devices
Extra Clothing, scarves, hats and gloves. Extra blankets on the bed.

  Jake_027 18:39 26 Jan 2007

-Switch off lights when not in use

-Use energy saving light bulbs

-Turn MAINS SOCKETS off when not using an appliance or they are empty-some claim having them in the on position when empty uses electricity while others say it doesn't-I personally think it does, after ll if you have appliances in an extension off the extension is still on-and after all its only the flickof a switch. Think about it, does the switch to your kettle have to be in the on position all the time, and is it worth using loads of electricity on a dvd player just so it shows the time?

-Fit draught excluders to your doors inside on the bottom and foam round the doorframe-my room temperature rose by 2 degrees just by doing that!

-Keep doors closed fully when you're not in a room, you'd be amazed how much warmer it makes it!

-Recycle, it reduces emissions from creating new products. It takes 5% of the energy of making a new aluminium can to recycle one-you're saving a 95% energy drain just by putting it in a can bank, and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill

-Walk or cycle instead of driving, its much better for you and the environment, and lovely in summer.

Al tose will reduce your carbon emissions without having to pay £50!


  jack 19:52 26 Jan 2007

One of Jakes [and for that matter other] suggestions can be somewhat less than watertight.
So called low energy light bulbs.
These cost more to to make than normal ones, using esoteric materials [they are essentially fluorescent lamps] - and as such the choke mechanism consumes lot to get going .
The rule with all fluorescants is to leave them on, or the life of the device will shorten.
so that 11watt/60 watt- will either outstrip in consumption the normal on/off in fuel -or die an early death. Take for instance infrequent use areas - Bathroom/bedrooms etc.

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