Global warming?

  karmgord 17:53 20 Dec 2009

what happened to global warming,can somebody release a few thousand tons of CFCs,or burn some more fosil fuels,the quicker our winters are like Cyprus the better.

  Teaboy 18:09 20 Dec 2009

what troubles me about this business of global warming is that a group of expert scientists formed the opinion that the globe was warming up, and being humans did what we all do when we have strong opinions, we start looking for evidence that support that opinion- ignoring anything that did not.

secondly: The majority of their evidence seems to be based on computer assimilated predictions, ignoring the dictum "rubbish in rubbish out".

I appreciate that this does not mean that they are wrong, But well....?

  onionskin 21:21 21 Dec 2009

There are many theories about the cause of climate change. Only one is taxable.

  zzzz999 04:17 22 Dec 2009

I wonder why the sahara keeps getting bigger and the artic ice caps smaller

  interzone55 09:35 22 Dec 2009

if I had a pound for every fool who's said something along the lines of "thank god for global warming, otherwise I'd be really cold" I'd have enough money to turn the heating on...

  johndrew 10:08 22 Dec 2009

It is all rather strange.

Why is Greenland so called and all that.

I think onionskin hits the nail for me.

  skeletal 11:16 22 Dec 2009

“ that a group of expert scientists formed the opinion that the globe was warming up...”.

Please don’t forget the other group of expert scientists who have formed the onion that:
a) The globe may not be warming up over the short time scale generally under discussion;
b) If it is, given that the globe has, over thousands of millions of years, been warming and cooling to a far greater extent than currently, without man even being present let alone burning fossil fuels, it is probably nothing to do with human activity;
c) Are irritated that proper scientific debate is not happening and that anyone who dares to voice an opinion opposite to that being spouted by politicians is treated as a pariah and may lose funding for their research;
d) Wonder why the rich and powerful are chauffeured to and from climate change conferences in limousines that generate more emissions than an African village, and fly all around the world in private jets lecturing the poor people of the world what they should, or should not, do.

“...thank god for global warming, otherwise I'd be really cold...”. Indeed we better had, because if we did not have massive global warming approximately 600 ish million years ago we would not exist.


  Ventad 11:43 22 Dec 2009

Never mind the UK will save the world through taxation. so that we cannot afford fuel/electric and gas. and then we will all be out in the forests cutting them down to keep warm. And we will pay South America billions to keep their forests.

  interzone55 12:08 22 Dec 2009

"Why is Greenland so called"

That would be an early example of misleading advertising, by calling it Greenland the Vikings thought they'd attract people to go & live there, and it worked...

  johndrew 13:42 22 Dec 2009

Must have been the same group of `spin doctors` currently in use!!!!!

  Grey Goo 14:24 22 Dec 2009

The thought that Climate change with it's associated potential for catastrophe is a little too inconvenient for a lot of folks. The "It'll never happen" attitude is ok if that's what you really believe. Unfortunately when and if actual proof of the condition is apparent it could be really inconvenient for everyone.

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