Global Warming

  Jak_1 20:29 19 Sep 2006

Is it as bad as the media hype, or is most of it media hype?
I know we burn too much fosil fuels, also that the ozone layer is now repairing itself too, but, is it as bad as is made out?
What are the realistic alternatives for the mass consumer at the present moment? By realistic I mean in terms of cost, efficiency and availlability eg motor fuels etc.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:36 19 Sep 2006

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  anskyber 20:56 19 Sep 2006

The story so here

  Jak_1 20:59 19 Sep 2006

Hm! How did I miss that topic.

  VoG II 21:00 19 Sep 2006

I'm not at all convinced that the current global warming - which undoubtedly exists - is a result of human activity. I am a believer that our world is largely self-repairing click here_.

  sean-278262 21:00 19 Sep 2006

I would say it is more myth than fact. If you look at things in the big picture the earth goes into and out of cycles of warming and cooling over the last few million years. And we are into the warming cycle before the cooling for another cooler period. I think while in total fuel needs to be used less and environments protected that a lot of the stuff is hype.

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No one really however knows. Just as soon as no one knows the name of the country the latest child has been born in. I think we need to do more to protect the planet but we also need to stop thinking that human use is going to end the world. Dont forget forest fires exsisted long before we started to control them and likely rampaged much more than they do in modern times.

Something to think about really.

  gudgulf 22:01 19 Sep 2006

Whether the human race is pumping enough greenhouse gasses into to atmosphere to effect changes to the natural cycles is open to debate.

Nevertheless adding larger than natural amounts of something that does make a contribution is something of a risky experiment.

It's also quite clear that a little tinkering with emission levels in the face of rapidly increasing output by industrialising nations is not going to stop the experiment or stabilise the climate,assuming there is an effect from the emissions in the first place.

It is perfectly sensible for science to identify any changes and understand the processes inolved,but this is tricky considering we are adding an unknown value to an equation we have yet to fully formulise.

What does seem to be clear is that the climate IS changing....and it would very good thing if we knew exactly where that is leading us.

It's about time there was a bit more discussion about how we would cope with the effects of climatic change should it happen rather than largely ineffectual efforts at trying to alleviate it.

  Jak_1 22:16 19 Sep 2006

Have to say that I agree with Creature of the Nite. Throughout time there have been periods of warming and cooling and has shown to go in cycles.

  Forum Editor 22:44 19 Sep 2006

this would probably have happened anyway. As others have said, it's happened many times before.

We tend to think of everything in the context of human life-spans, but climate fluctuations of this kind are cyclical and complex, and happen over much longer periods.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:45 19 Sep 2006

If you want to worry about something worry about this
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The permafrost is thawing in Siberia and the lakes are starting to bubble already.

  sean-278262 23:10 19 Sep 2006

Hertz Van Rentyl - there are also a lot of cattle on the planet and these apparantly account for 10% of all methane do we kill them all off? No of course we dont. I think that this really being blown out of proportion.

The media hears one of the scientists say X is doing Y to the world and then its the end of the world as we know it when the end customer of the media gets the report. It is made worse by a public fueled on misinformation and lack of understanding on what is a quite complex issue.

I as a scientist barely know myself the ins and outs as I have pointed out, how is joe blogs (appologies as I believe that is one of our users so not directed at them) supposed to understand the issue other than what the media tells him.

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