Glastonbury Festival

  Quickbeam 19:03 29 Jun 2014

Did anyone else just see Dolly Parton steal the show at Glastonbury.

That's what 50 years of stage craft can do:-)

If you missed it it's well worth the iPlayer time.

  bumpkin 19:08 29 Jun 2014

I missed it as I was upstairs doing something else, my wife has just told me a few mins ago that it was brilliant. I hope it will be on Iplayer.

  john bunyan 19:09 29 Jun 2014

I watched it and enjoyed it - always liked Dolly - not only a great country singer and writer but also a very astute businesswoman.

  bumpkin 19:12 29 Jun 2014

Is it an hour before it goes on Iplayer?

  Aitchbee 19:57 29 Jun 2014

I'm enjoyin' that other olde blonde bombshell .... Robert Plant & his band.

  rdave13 20:00 29 Jun 2014

bumpkin hope this works.

  rdave13 20:02 29 Jun 2014

Starts at 45:45

  Quickbeam 20:22 29 Jun 2014

Part of Dolly's charm is her lawng suthuurn draawl, here she talks about a song that's about the muuud...:-)

  Quickbeam 20:55 29 Jun 2014

I watched Metallica too Mr Mistoffelees, but they can't possibly compete with Dolly's rhinestone guitar and Jolene!

  rdave13 21:37 29 Jun 2014

Jeepers, for a lady of 68 it was an excellent performance.

  bumpkin 21:43 29 Jun 2014

rdave, thanks for the link it worked fine. Just watched it, great music and dialogue, really enjoyed it.

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