Glad to report all went well

  TOPCAT® 23:56 08 Nov 2004

with Pat's surgery on the 18th of October and we finally returned home this afternoon. What was supposed to be four to five hours in theatre turned out to be nearly ten! This was the longest day of my life as I worried and waited for her to appear in the intensive care unit.

Her two operations - left carotid artery and triple heart bypass - became three, because they found her sternum (the breastbone which is cut through to access the heart) was unusually soft. So, to assist the stainless steel stapling that's used normally to hold the sternum together, they had to cut, realign and re fix her pectoral chest muscles. It was this necessity that took the extra hours and delayed her recovery until she was well enough to travel home today. Her open wound over the sternum will need dressing each day and the hope is infection will not occur and it will continue to close up naturally by itself.

So we are not out of the woods just yet and it befalls me and my immediate family, thankfully close by, to care for her and help speed her to a full recovery. This we will do without fail.

I must express here our undying gratitude and thanks to the wonderful teams at Harefield that perform these miracles of surgery nearly every day. They and their post-operative nursing staff are deserving of the highest praise and recognition of their dedication to humanity. They are truly magnificent people.

Our thanks go out once more to all you lovely people for your kind words and wishes. All I can say, after witnessing the traumatic events of the last month or so, is please look after your own health as best you can, because life is too precious to lose for the sake of a little thought and care.

Best wishes from us both - Pat and Ray

PS. I will close this 'update' soon as it now has nothing "loosely connected to computing" In the meantime, I thank the FE for allowing it to stay open for a short while. TC.

  spuds 00:14 09 Nov 2004

Good news and a full and sincere speedy recovery to you both.Some of us who have been on the operating table a number of times, can only image what thoughts are going through both of your minds at present,but relax,take things easy and all will be well.

  ton 00:19 09 Nov 2004

Glad to hear the news is good, my best wishes and hope it continues to be so.

  Forum Editor 00:24 09 Nov 2004

I was in Harefield village last week, and thought of you both. It's good to hear your positive news.

I'll certainly leave the thread open for you for a while - tick it when you're ready.

  watchful 10:07 09 Nov 2004

Good news indeed.

My further good wishes for a continued, speedy recovery.

  LastChip 20:22 09 Nov 2004

for you both.

Great news, take it easy and let the healing process take it's course.

  TOPCAT® 23:40 09 Nov 2004

To all of you kind and genuine people out there we send our profound thanks for your good wishes and messages of support. Though my domestic chores are of necessity much increased, I can now carry them out with renewed vigour.

It is great to be back online and in the company of so many friends. My time here in the forum may well be somewhat restricted for the time being, but I'll continue to pop in when I can. I've missed you all for too long as it is! :o) Keep up your invaluable good work guys and help spread the fame of PCA even further around the globe.

Thank you FE for your courtesy. It was very much appreciated. TC.

  Forum Editor 23:55 09 Nov 2004

I'm sure.

Closing now.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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