glad to be a Brit

  gengiscant 18:45 23 Aug 2008

I posted last week,click here

The sentiments stand.I AM GLAD TO BE A BRIT.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:07 23 Aug 2008

Jolly good then.


  mrwoowoo 21:41 23 Aug 2008

I imagine you would be even more glad to be Chinese or American then.

  rdave13 21:46 23 Aug 2008

Nah.. being a 'Brit' means that you're allowed to complain, work hard (or not), have some freedom and above all have some very unpredictable weather that the Met. office seems to have problems with.

  laurie53 08:25 24 Aug 2008

Not particularly glad to be a Brit, but rather glad not to be something else!

We're the best of a somewhat mediocre bunch.

  bigggles 10:24 24 Aug 2008

I am confused. At various times this year, I am expected to be British (Olympics), European (Ryder Cup) and English (European Football Championships). Ok, forget the last one.

In my life, I have cheered for famous Brits such as Greg Rudedski, Lennox Lewis and Zola Budd. The England cricket captain is South African, and the two "English" teams in the Champions League final could scarcely raise a bowler hat between them.

This whole nationalist business is meaningless, and often dangerous. I'm a member of the human race, end of rant.

  GRIDD 10:43 24 Aug 2008

I'm not. Over taxed, under paid and everything costs more..... had I the money to leave I would. Britain sucks!

  Forum Editor 10:47 24 Aug 2008

And just where do you think life would be so much better? I invite you to tell us all where things are so great that you would be paid more, and taxed less, and where everything costs less. A place where you have the same freedoms and benefits that you have here, with access to free medical attention, and where the people are happier.

  Forum Editor 10:48 24 Aug 2008

I'm delighted that you're glad to be a Brit, but you told us all that a week ago - it's not necessary to remind us yet again.

  ened 11:48 24 Aug 2008

According to the Sunday Express there is a group in Europe who are trying their damndest to ensure our athletes peform under the European Flag by the 2012 Olympics.

  ened 13:41 24 Aug 2008

They do have some influence though.

Having said that I should like to think there would be an uproar if they attempted it.

Not just here but amongst the European competitors as well.

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