Giving old spectacles to a charity

  NewestRoyWidd1 17:37 29 Jan 2010

Hello all,I'm about get some new glasses,and would like to know if there's any UK-based charity organisation that could make good use of my old ones?
They are 12 months old and in good condition,but my prescription has changed now.Any suggestions would be welcomed please,because it would be a pity to just bin them.
Off to work shortly until the morning,so will check replies as and when.Many thanks in advance,

  John B 17:50 29 Jan 2010

Vision aid overseas. click here

  exdragon 18:08 29 Jan 2010

Try a branch of Boot's Opticians, I took several 'I'll keep them just in case' old pairs in a while ago.

  BT 08:07 30 Jan 2010

Most Opticians will take them and pass them on. Don't know about the big boys but when I lived in London my local optician had a container in the shop where you could put them.

  sunnystaines 10:19 30 Jan 2010

how do these reuse them as most people have one eye a different strenghth to the other.

i presume they just ditch the lens and re use the frames

  John B 11:03 30 Jan 2010

From my link ... "The spectacles are then transported to prisons through the UK where prisoners have been trained to clean, grade and pack the spectacles ready for their use in the developing world."

  NewestRoyWidd1 11:52 30 Jan 2010

Good morning to those who gave possible places,I'll try either Boots or the ones in John B's link,and then post back in due course with the outcome.
Many thanks,will tick as resolved for now.

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