Getting Old Can Be Expensive!

  morddwyd 09:18 07 May 2018

Due to, I assume, senile decay, I have inadvertently added a Dell Inspiron to my Amazon basket instead of my wish list.

Just as inadvertently it has been added to the order of a china cup and saucer I ordered yesterday.

The first I knew of it was was when I received tracking instructions!

Thank God for Amazon's 30 day return poly.

  Cymro. 09:22 07 May 2018

Yes well been there, done that etc.

  Old Deuteronomy 10:44 07 May 2018

The ease of returning items is one of the main reasons I keep using Amazon.

As for getting old being expensive, the alternative is worse.

  BT 17:48 07 May 2018

Its very true. Additionally if you don't qualify for assistance just having various aids installed in your home can cost a fortune. An Easy access shower for instance will cost you 10 times the price of an ordinary one even though the differences can't possibly warrant the higher cost. You can get VAT relief on certain products if you qualify but it doesn't compensate for the higher cost.

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