Getting Old....

  spuds 13:37 02 Dec 2006

eventually comes to most people. But do we really consider what after 60 or 65 (shortly to be 68 for all) will actually mean to us.

  Forum Editor 13:39 02 Dec 2006

even when I am.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 16:09 02 Dec 2006

As they say "I could once do all night what now takes all night to do once"

  Jak_1 16:20 02 Dec 2006

You are as old as the person you feel ;)

  amonra 16:49 02 Dec 2006

My mother (who lives all alone) can't understand "How the old people manage" when handling things like mobile phones, digi boxes, and hearing aids. She had her 100th birthday in July and is quite capable of using all the above. She recently asked me to check that she was dialling the correct number to my son in the USA, and proceeded to rattle off a 15 digit telephone number from memory !!!
There's hopes for me yet.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 02 Dec 2006

My father in his late 70's said recently
"Idon't feel any differnet from when I was 18"
"I can still chase and catch the same women as I chased then"

  sean-278262 17:06 02 Dec 2006

20 going on 15 here. Pffft old nope. Not ever. 30 I will be entering my 17th internal year I think.

Isnt saying anyone is old Ageist? Yes I just made a word up but I dont care. Only as old as you feal. I have nothing to loose so living it to the full. Now spuds close the topic and get back out there being yourself instead of getting caught up in this nonsense.

  Bapou 17:09 02 Dec 2006

I'm 73 and just thank God for a good memory!

  Kate B 17:10 02 Dec 2006

Tomorrow is my thirty-thirteenth birthday. Damned if I'm getting old!

  anskyber 17:16 02 Dec 2006

Getting old....isn't that what happens to other people?

PS Happy Birthday for the 3rd Kate.

  Jak_1 17:19 02 Dec 2006

Just what is old? Age is but a number. I suppose your concept of someone being old very much depends upon your age at the time! Old is a relative thing.

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