Getting new BT line (new house) & ADSL woes

  pauldonovan 13:27 13 Dec 2005


Just moved house. Started order for BT line over a month before moving in. First the BT website didn't take the order (apparently) and someone called from BT to retake most of the details. Then they were meant to book an engineer to visit however they didn't call so I called them and booked it. The visit day came and went so I called back and they said they had no record of it. The saga goes on and on with lots of phone calls, over 4 engineer visits of one kind or another. They sub-contract out the connection from the exchange to the front door, and seem to have little in the way of mechanism to contact the people they sub out to to discuss an order.

Eventually 1 week after moving in, lots of phone calls and several engineering visits (after each of which they closed the call saying we had a line, without checking with us!) we finally got a phone.

Then comes the bombshell. Despite moving closer to the centre of our town (I know that is largely irrelevant but you would think it might help) we are "unlikely" according to BT to get ADSL at even 512kb.

Worse than that, my favourite ISP (Pipex) classes me as a 'low usage' user because of course anyone who is a high usage user would be getting 1MB or 2MB+ so they would only let me order a package with capped downloads! Discrimination against people who are far from the exchange if you ask me!

I finally put through an order with Zen who are going through the motions with BT to see what can be done. BT may well quote 99% or whatever of the population can connect but it seems crazy in this day and age that someone living close to the centre of a city potentially can't get ADSL Broadband and there is nothing BT will do about it (until some future technology/initiative comes along). Hopefully i'll be lucky, if not it looks like Satellite broadband for me.

Moral of this story - get in VERY early to get a BT line connected to a new home, and don't trust the postcode check... unfortunately I don't think there's a certain way to know you can get broadband in your new home (unless it has already had it).

End of Rant :)

  pj123 16:03 13 Dec 2005

Am I glad I switched to cable then, Yes.

Started off with Norwich Cable, which was then taken over by Bell Cable Media followed by Cable and Wireless and now NTL.

Have had no problems whatsoever, don't have a BT line into my house at all. I wouldn't go back to BT if they paid me to make telephone calls.

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