Getting flashed by your laptop is no fun

  ajm 14:13 12 Dec 2009
  canarieslover 21:17 12 Dec 2009

Hope she's keeping abreast of things with her anti-malware and AV

  Brumas 21:20 12 Dec 2009

I sent the link to a friend in America - here is her response.

"Absolute rubbish.!!!  The woman provides a glamorous picture of herself and writes all that crap knowing that men around the world will be reading it and she'll probably be inundated with personal responses, dates, marriage offerings, interviews, etc.  How brilliant.  I've had plenty of techs take over my computer from all around the world.  I sit and watch what they're doing and can terminate their access at any minute.  If they started checking out my photo files, I'd know it in an instant.  This just did not happen.  Too stupid for words!!!!!  And even if she was stupid enough to leave a tech working on her computer un-watched, how would he know she was not watching, and then, what tech would blatantly advertise what he'd been doing by flashing it on the screen so he could lose his job????  Especially if he was in some third-world country and living on a shoe-string.  She said it herself.  She's old and un-interesting, as I'm sure the photos of her are.  She's dying for some tabloid to come along and offer her money for that photo!!!!  Boring boring boring!!!!!!  Dell should prosecute".
Brilliantly put!

  Colin 10:48 13 Dec 2009

"Now, more than two weeks later, Gore said her computer still is acting up – despite having purchased, at Neos' recommendation, $450 worth of anti-virus software."

$450 worth of AV software? Did they mean $45? This article is full of rubbish and Brumas's friends response is probably spot on.

  Strawballs 22:52 13 Dec 2009

Nothing to do with web cam

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