Get used to it or change how you live your life.

  spikeychris 18:56 30 Oct 2008

There’s a hint of a possibility – not a definite – just a hint that there could be petrol shortages and people flock to the pumps to top up a three quarter full tank. The media arrive and report the events, leading to mass gatherings at what was a healthy full petrol station, only for it to clear its stock ahead of a refill leading to “No Fuel” signs being erected. This leads to queues at other stations...blah blah blah...

A misreported wrong dated statement suggested a certain banks share index had dropped nore that usual – buyers dumped their stock and the value of the company fell of the scale immediately. Nothing had actually happened – this was a none event yet the bank could have been lost forever if the error hadn’t been picked up.

We all complain about the state of the economy with credit crunches and price costs but this is now our way of life – I am convinced this is going to happen again and again and......

  lofty29 19:14 30 Oct 2008

In the 1930's orson wells sent america into panic with a radio play broadcast, whats new, its human behaviour. whats your point

  spuds 19:20 30 Oct 2008

Of course history will repeat itself. Some people have need to get very rich, while others get poorer.

I am off now to see that program on television, as to why we or the banks got into this recent mess.

  laurie53 20:35 30 Oct 2008

We got into this mess, as with most others, through greed, and it will happen again (and again).

  spikeychris 20:38 30 Oct 2008

A 1938 simulated news broadcast, announcing an attack on America by invaders from Mars is hardly comparative.

  Kevscar1 20:54 30 Oct 2008


Some people have need to get very rich, while others get poorer.

I have the need to get very rich but I just get poorer

  Forum Editor 23:32 30 Oct 2008

we always seek to find someone or something else to blame when things go wrong, rather than accept the fact that it may very well be our own fault.

We repeatedly fail to understand that it's quite impossible for life to be a rich and satisfying experience for everyone, all the time, so we are repeatedly disappointed. It's been happening since time immemorial, and yes, it will happen over and over again. It seems we're not capable of learning in that respect, we always expect hope to triumph over experience.

  lofty29 08:36 31 Oct 2008

I think it is, humans tend to panic when there is a rumour or hint of problems, whether justified or not. And I also agree with FE it is far more satisfying to blame someoneelse than ourselves.

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