Get Off Of My Cloud......

  Quickbeam 08:34 02 Apr 2019

Old Mick isn't ready for the great gig in the sky just yet. But I'm surprised that it's him and not Keef that's the first to show age related frailty!

  rickf 08:59 02 Apr 2019

Perhaps it shows that taking a lot of illegal stuff makes you stronger??

  Quickbeam 09:05 02 Apr 2019

I believe that Mick became a healthy living convert very early on.

  Forum Editor 09:18 02 Apr 2019

"I believe that Mick became a healthy living convert very early on."

He gave up taking drugs when he met Jerry Hall, and he hardly ever touches alcohol. He is a fitness fanatic, and runs up to eight miles a day. His father was a fitness and sports coach who lived until he was 93.

Heart valve problems can be present from birth, but are also often caused by a bacterial infection of the heart lining, rheumatic fever, a heart attack, or simply advancing age.

I wish Mick well. By any standards his music career has been phenomenal and I hope he is soon back on stage, although nobody could complain if he decided to enjoy a relaxing retirement.

  Quickbeam 10:07 02 Apr 2019

Fitness addiction is what Alice Cooper took to to get a healthy lifestyle, he plays 18 holes of golf a day, 9 when on tour, to replace the old lifestyle.

  wee eddie 11:13 02 Apr 2019

Healthy living does not guarantee a long life.

In my opinion, chance is the main factor. Others say that it is genetics.

A rackety lifestyle frequently shortens your chances of a long life but, many a dissolute rake has lived into his 90's.

How I have got this far I will never know!

  Quickbeam 13:15 02 Apr 2019

"Healthy living does not guarantee a long life."

No... but it's the best option!

  Forum Editor 13:26 02 Apr 2019

"Healthy living does not guarantee a long life."

Absolutely right. I think that it is now generally accepted that genetics is the major factor when it comes to overall health and longevity.

  wee eddie 14:46 02 Apr 2019

FE, I would tend to agree with you.

6 of my Mother's 7 sisters lived into their 90's. Almost all of my Father's family lived into their mid 90's. My Pension Planning revolves around that sort of life span.

Of course, I may die in a car crash but, then it wouldn't matter anyway.

p.s. I am also planning on the basis that when I become bed bound, our Government (whichever Party is in power) will do it's best to relieve me of any that remains. Cynical - moi!

  john bunyan 16:21 02 Apr 2019

I was taken to see the Rolling Stones last year in Southampton by a 25 year old granddaughter as a birthday present. They are all so fit. Good luck to Mick with heart op.

Am a member of a Association of a former military organisation that, in their day, were the fittest people around. Last year alone a couple of senior guys, one a top climber and both so fit died in their ‘60’s , one of cancer, the other of Cruzefelt -Jacobs disease. Quite a few have various degrees of dementia. Apart from smoking, I am told by people who know that serious illnesses are (bad) luck and genetics. Of course good diet and exercise helps but the other issues ar dominant

  Quickbeam 18:59 02 Apr 2019

"Apart from smoking..."

Mother 89, grandmothers 93 & 99, aunties & uncles 90+ and all with their faculties, I might just be one of the lucky ones...

But my dad only got to 62 as a 60 a day smoker and lung cancer victim.

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