Get Me Out Of Here!

  Pine Man 10:29 17 Nov 2008

Yes, I watch it. I'm the wrong side of sixty and don't know why I watch it. Maybe it's some form of masochism - who knows.

So what about last night then? Why is it that Brian Paddick had to ensure, in his very first sentence at the introductions, that everybody knew he was openly gay? None of the other 'celebrities' gay or straight made any reference to their sexuality?

Anyway I just thought I'd provide this platform for the other lovers (and haters) of this program to air their views;-))

  Noldi 11:12 17 Nov 2008

This program and celebrity come dancing is top of my list of what not to watch. I would not waste my energy to even turn the TV on to watch either. Wild China I found to be the best program on the box last night and may be the whole weekend.


  Bapou 11:37 17 Nov 2008

We watched, me for the last time, that's for sure. Ex-bobby Paddick could not wait to start a conversation on his sexuality, "I'm getting married as well - to a man!" Wow! now there's a vote catcher, as if we were not already aware of this.

Three weeks of this claptrap once again? No way.

Checking the TV schedule, England v Germany on Wednesday and no Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, that's a relief.

Turned the page to Thursday and read ITV will show 2 hours of Celebrity.

I will definitely be elsewhere.

  cream. 12:23 17 Nov 2008

is it back on?

Have not watched it for a couple of years, is it worth giving it a go Pine Man, if there is nothing else on?

  Cymro. 12:32 17 Nov 2008

I also will not be watching this rubbish, but what gets me about is why do the contestants allow themselves to be persuaded to appear in such a program?

I dare say that some of them do it just for the publicity or perhaps the money. But some of them have already made a success of their career and probably have more than enough money as it is.

Pine Man suggests that it may be masochism that makes him watch it, but it seems to me that it is some of the contestants that are in to masochism.

  Covergirl 12:35 17 Nov 2008

. . . . eating live insects and grubs on this programme ?

How do they get away with it ?

I'm sure if it was mammalian, there'd be no chance. Why is an insect different ?

  Cymro. 12:46 17 Nov 2008

Please please don`t turn this one in to an animal rights thing.

  Clapton is God 12:55 17 Nov 2008

"and don't know why I watch it."

Perhaps you just like ogling the scantily-clad females?

  Si_L 13:01 17 Nov 2008

I have heard of one person out of all the people in this years one, Martina Navratilova. The 'celebrities' are getting worse and worse.

  Pine Man 13:15 17 Nov 2008

'is it worth giving it a go Pine Man'

I wouldn't dream of recommending it BUT we all have our likes and dislikes and I would certainly sooner watch it than, for example, football!

The producers certainly are getting better at using 'celebrities' that are likely to antagonise each other and I can see this happening with Esther Rancid and Permatan Kilroy-Silk!

  tillybaby 13:19 17 Nov 2008

They definitely go on the programme to further their career,

Myleen Class, Katie Price and Peter Andre, Biggins, Phil Tufnell, Tony Blackburn are just a few who have had their career resurrected again after appearing on the show,

I don't watch it anymore and haven't done for the past two years but if you read the papers there really is no getting away from it unfortunately,

Wild China really is worth watching, a superb programme.

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