Get In "Jeremy Clarkson" lol

  Uboat 01:06 12 May 2010

lol spare a thought guys! WHO would look at him in the shower? thoughts prevale me!lol

click here

  greyballs 10:30 12 May 2010

glad you put the thread up uboat,cos i dont know how to do it.
what a good do the rambelers have shut the rambling smug git up.his wife says they will sell
might be a bit tricky at the mo,never mind luv ime sure you will survive.

  wee eddie 10:57 12 May 2010

Just think what it must be like to have people looking into your window or being rude to you and your family, in your own garden.

And nothing you can do about it.

Celebrity is one thing, but surely a little bit of privacy is allowed. I think considerably less of the so called "Ramblers" because of their "Boorish" behaviour.

In-fact, I think that anyone who behaved, as Mr Clarkson described, should be publicly branded as an 'a**hole', they surely would think that of anyone that did it to them.

The Ramblers Association should distance itself from them asap.

  Covergirl 12:18 12 May 2010

. . . . when they did the searches, either that or it wasn't pointed out to his Jeremyness that a footpath run near - or he chose to ignore the fact.

Personally, I'm on his side as regards privacy. I'm on the Ramblers side when it comes to maintaining rights of way.

However, Jeremy wins 'cos he's more entertaining than most. :-)

  interzone55 12:24 12 May 2010

I do wonder about Ramblers and their insistence on rights of way.

When this originally reared its ugly head JC offered a compromise path, which was shorter and more direct to where the ramblers were heading. The section closed off really didn't have any scenic views.

But the Ramblers insisted on being able to follow their original path, they're just a bunch of pedantic idiots if you ask me.

Anyone who thinks JC is in the wrong here for wishing for some privacy in his private holiday home should post their home addresses here so we can all pop round and bang on your windows...

  Toneman 18:20 12 May 2010

Does one take it that the 1949 Act did not apply to IOM?

  Paddylad 22:41 12 May 2010

Sorry, but Idiot Clarkeson has only ever been an attention seeker

  interzone55 08:51 13 May 2010

You're another one who doesn't seem to understand that Clarkson is just playing a role on TV.

He's far from an idiot, or he wouldn't be able to afford a holiday home on the Isle of Man and holidays at Sandy Lane in the Bahamas.

He's also one of the biggest earners for the BBC, Top Gear amongst the most popular TV programs in the world and brings in huge amounts of money for the BBC...

  Covergirl 09:05 13 May 2010

Totally agree. In fact, I see Top Gear (et al) so scripted I have difficulty watching any of them more than once. It "grates" the second time around if you know what I mean.

  ronalddonald 10:48 17 May 2010

I would never feel sorry for him, he moved there he's got to live with it regardless he's a celeb or isn't.....

The walkers have been there long b4 clarkie moved there...

If clarkson & his wife has a big prob maybe they should take pictures of those who are abusive im sure they can put a sign up saying please don't be abusive or your picture will be taken..

or a sign stating please don't pictures that reveal the inside of our lighthouse etc

  morddwyd 20:16 17 May 2010

While I don't think much of Clarkson, I do have a certain amount of empathy.

Because I own my three bedroom semi, with a pocket handkerchief garden, I am a "Scottish Landowner".

Under the "Right to Roam" legislation technically any Tom, Dick or Harry can stroll through my front or rear garden, any time they wish, whether a Right of Way exists or not.

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