get on band wagon charge for carrier bags,oh yeh

  frankie 23:44 15 Sep 2008

try to do my bit for recycling,bought big shop at coop some 89.00 needed two more bags,they said we now charge five pence each bag,well having taken my own bags which i thought would cover shop,red dragon kicked in,for the extra two bags.told them too stick whole lot back on shelf,as they just jump on bandwagon as if food is not dear enough anyway...went to tesco ok paid 5 miles more fuel,but bags and service pleasant,coop bye bye.any views what annoys you

  DieSse 00:05 16 Sep 2008

So you lost your rag with them because you didn't take enough bags with you?

And you paid more than the cost of the bags to go elsewhere?

Yup - sounds logical.


  Forum Editor 00:09 16 Sep 2008

to save a perfectly reasonable 10p charge for two plastic bags you spent around £1 to drive to another store, wasting the equivalent cost of an extra 18 bags.

Time to learn a little about cost effectiveness, isn't it?

The charge for the bags is specifically intended to encourage people to bring their own bags, Carrier bags are a plague on the environment, and something has to be done to reduce the vast quantities that we use - Tesco alone dispenses over 4 billion bags each year. Ireleand introduced a statutory charge of 20p a bag in 2002, and the result has been a 90% reduction in the numbers being sold. In Hong Kong all shops must charge for bags by law on at least two days a week, and Australia is working to drastically reduce the use of these bags in all retail outlets.

  frankie 00:12 16 Sep 2008

companys piss me off they jump on the green bandwagon and then charge mugs for it,the dozy punters pay for it,do the coop do it for recycling or profit.

  frankie 00:17 16 Sep 2008

said i took loads of bags for shop.they lost nearly 90-00 for there measly 10p plus putting stuff back on shelf sure it cost me a 1-50 trip but will go to tesco in future,every one jumps on rcycling bandwagon,but charge and make profit if it suits em from peoples guilt,

  Forum Editor 00:29 16 Sep 2008

that you're massively missing the point, and it might be an idea to refrain from any more references to 'the dozy punters'.

Tesco carrier bags are now biodegradable, but the company is making efforts to reduce the number it hands out - you'll get Green Clubcard points if you bring your own bags.

We use 12 billion of these bags a year in this country, and anything that can be done to deter people from using them can only be a good thing.

Another good thing would be to get supermarkets to stop using so many polystyrene food trays, but that's another discussion.

  Si_L 00:32 16 Sep 2008

Bit of a drastic action to take over 10p, especially when the charge has been introduced to help to save the environment.

  frankie 00:42 16 Sep 2008

true but tescos bags still going to suffer them,will still take my bags,but if we over shop no way will i pay for em the recession is already here,anyone who wants to covertly charge for bags will not get my custom.unless they donate costs to charity like aylsham shops do.thats in norfolk by the way,further to this the rspa in cromer charge for there bags,and the chap in the shop says he,s fed up with customers nagging they think charity shops have really upped there prices,the balloon will burst soon you heard it hear first

  DieSse 01:37 16 Sep 2008

I just don't see why you think anyone should be obliged to give you bags for free.

If you really think charging for bags is to make more profit, when there's loads of simpler ways to do that - then your heads in the clouds.

Perhaps you'd just rather supermarkets didn't do green things.

  Coffee Adict 06:26 16 Sep 2008

Cutting your nose off to spite your face I think is the appropriate expression.

My local co-op is a little gem,some of the staff and I have grown old together. They are one of the few retailers that have stayed in the local community and deserve our support for that alone, yes they are more expensive than the big supermarkets but not excessively so and sometimes they have better offers than Tescos.

You could always become a member and voice your opinion whilst taking a share of their profits.

  birdface 06:39 16 Sep 2008

It seems simple enough to me.If everyone complained or put their messages back the store would have to remove the charge for carrier bags.I am sorry to say charging you for carrier bags does not stop you from using them.So if a store charges you for using carrier bags are they not making a profit on them.Most of the big stores have already jumped on the fuel price rise to overcharge on most of their products and I suppose the Coop being one of the dearest stores to shop at, the carrier bag charge was a charge to much for frankie.It is the old saying United we stand devided we fall.If enough protest they listen.The £89 pound it cost frankie for his messages would probably be about £6 more than he paid a month ago for the same messages.If you go to your regular pub and they put the price of a pint up another 10 pence you have the option of paying it or using another pub with cheaper prices.Just the same with supermarkets.

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