George Orwells 1984 revised

  Total Care Support 16:17 06 May 2005

I was going to start this post with "Hi Everybody" but the words "Dr. Nick Riviera" ran though my head so I thought better of it.

I know this is slightly off topic but being as it is friday i thought I would ask :o)

At the moment we are playing with some new toys here, and it got me to thinking about 1984 and how many things that were seen as impossible when it was written actually came to pass in the
20 years following the true 1984 coming to pass.

So within the computing industry what do you see as happening within the next 20 Years?

so the 2 questions to start this thread off are.

1. Are computer systems and people and the internet (possibly even money and banking) heading for BioMetric is Chip and Pin as some claim the first step towards using a thumbprint to authorise transactions, within our lifetime will we see a day when you walk to asda and dont need cash or a card but put your thumb print on a scanner to pay for everything?

2. VR it was hyped in the 80's and 90's in movies and books some good and many cheesy, to some extent also in films like the Matrix and games of that genre. You see some arcades with VR machines that you eiter put a head set on or set into a room. But will this ever convert to the Home or do you think the idea of bigger flatter screens will be the route till people have video walls in their home like in movies and scifi like Star Trek and the such like?

Flying cars have already happened although it does not appear to have taken off (a really bad pun I know) but these cars exsit and for enough money you can have one $200k so what is next what technology that is around now do you think will be come the in and needed thing in the future?

Daniel Warren

  Forum Editor 00:55 07 May 2005

that should really be in Speakers Corner Daniel. In point of fact we've had similar threads many times before, but it is Friday as you say (although I'm not sure what's significant about that), so we'll run it one more time - in Speakers Corner.

  Total Care Support 19:14 07 May 2005


thanks for moving it. After I had hit submit i thought i may have put it in the incorrect place and my apoloiges for that.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend


  [email protected]@ 20:27 07 May 2005

Probably one of the most significant advances will be in a technology yet to be invented and of which we have no clue about at the moment.

My guess is that the new technology will involve travel,or some new way of travelling.

  Ancient Learner 20:42 07 May 2005

It all depends on how old you are now doesn't it? I doubt that I, for instance will see anything like you suggest happen, but I would like to make two comments.

About 1. They, who ever they are, will have to improve the software a lot before it could be practical. It's a nightmare getting an Internet Account at some Banks that I could name. Then there is the problem of a fault occurring and needing another thumb or finger or whatever 'they' think of - and what happens when you run out of digits? The idea of using the eye is all well and good in theory, but I just couldn't do it - visions (!) of needles and other nasties appear in my mind as soon as this technology is mentioned. (From reading too many thrillers/detective stories no doubt.

Bigger screens for TV. We have trouble coping with our new 25" screen as it is, and usually view in smaller mode, as this suits our room size better. Probably in Hollywood sized rooms they will be fine though.

And who really likes wearing Headphones or other things on the head - some people can't bear spectacles.

UM!WE already have flying cars and 2 wheeled flying machines that never go below 90mph driven by the 'don't get in my way' merchants around here; I suppose giving them the ability to do it in 3 dimensions will cure our over population.

As I say, if these things do happen, I, for one, won't be here to have to cope with it.

  Pooke100 21:57 07 May 2005

I don't think bio-metric ID's or the like will happen anytime in our generation, politically it would be a battle field! Think that'll hinder it's development some what.

Er... I am kind of a nerd I love watching sci-fi like stargate sg-1 and atlantis, star-trek too. Wouldn't it be cool to have the computer on the Enterprise in your home? Just simply talk to it and it knows and can do anything you ask it.


  AndySD 22:52 07 May 2005
  Aspman 15:12 09 May 2005

Biometrics are coming, just look for the details of the next generation of Passports.

I think Biometrics will become more common but also you'll start to see banks giving out tokens for inline banking, possibly a bit like a usb key you'd need to plug it in to use your account plus your username + password.

Mobile phones may be used also. You log into your onlne banking, it pauses while it sends your phone a code to log in. The code would be single use so if it was stolen it is of no use.

This process is called "2 Factor authentication" most banks are already looking into this.

You could add biometrics into the mix to give "3 factors" of security.

  Total Care Support 15:28 09 May 2005

You can alread get pen drives and mice and keyboards with figure/thumb print scanners built in, XP already supports this technology to take over for your passwords.

LogicTech have software for their mouse that ties into XP and IE so that you can even use it to take over online passwords meaning that you can log into internet backing with your thumb print so to some limited fashion it is already here, however at present you can still bypass the thumbprint by typing a old fashioned password in.

2 Factor has been under trial in the USA for a little while in some states and does seem to have cut down on fraud (how you can tell this I am unsure unless they purposely try to hack their own customers?) however two factor does not protect against Man-in-the-Middle attacks or Trojan attack and is already rumoured to be obsolete, but as with many IT things how many different trials and tests are run and new routes are explored until something comes along that every one raves about then MS release a version of it lol.

  Dan the Doctus 23:26 09 May 2005

will look something like this.

click here

  Forum Editor 00:09 10 May 2005

and it's very good. Microsoft goes to great pains to remind you that this technology isn't foolproof, and should not be relied upon to protect a mission-critical computer, but in tests in my office we found it impossible to cirumvent the fingerprint scanner unless we used the password entry of course.

Biometrics will become increasingly important in areas where security is of prime importance, and soon this technology will be widely used for opening doors - front doors and cars for instance, and for unlocking mobile phones and other hand-held devices.

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