Is George Orwell Back to Haunt Us?

  €dstowe 06:31 20 May 2008
  Monoux 06:52 20 May 2008

Don't worry -- aa the article mentions-- given the Governments history the data will all be lost anyway.

And do we need three guesses as to who will be exempt a la smoking ban -- no I thought not

  John B 06:55 20 May 2008
  newman35 06:57 20 May 2008

More like terrify us than haunt!
How do they expect the public to react after all the fiascos with data being lost, lately?
The only saving grace might be that as Gordon's coat is on a "shoogly peg" at present, he may stop it in it's tracks.
Still frightening though that the kite is being flown.

  Quickbeam 07:11 20 May 2008

click here How much will this all cost for the vast majority of messages that say something like "see u in red lion @ 8 m8"...?

  €dstowe 07:45 20 May 2008

I think this is slightly different to the ECHELON system in your link. In that the machine listens and looks for key words and THEN starts the surveillance. From what I understand of this proposal is that ALL conversations and messages will be stored.

Who is going to police all of this? Are we going to have a situation as there was under Chauchesku in Romania for 21 years before he was shot (in public) where everyone was spying on everyone?

At what point do we all have a subcutaneous implant of microphone and transmitter to record ALL of our speech?

Will the whole of the microelectronics industry be devoted to the manufacture of storage devices to retain all of this information?

  Quickbeam 08:04 20 May 2008

That's the problem with all this hi-tech policing, if you get back to controlling problem behavior at source, (young persons and discipline) you don't need to do this which is a reaction to things that have already gone out of control.

We need to look at the zero tolerance policing of of the apparently 'petty' litter and loutish behavior to stop problems in society escalating to the point where we all have in house police monitoring...

  interzone55 08:42 20 May 2008

"And do we need three guesses as to who will be exempt a la smoking ban -- no I thought not"

Are you back to this again, Parliament is not exempt from the smoking ban, they voted for a ban in the Houses, the only smoking allowed there is in the outside terrace areas.

As for keeping a list of phone calls & emails, the CIA & NSA have been doing this for years...

click here

  interzone55 08:44 20 May 2008

Sorry John B, just spotted you posted a similar link...

  charmingman 10:53 20 May 2008

Me thinks the money would be better off spent elsewhere, as the news stated last week of ALL the CCTV we have in this country only "3%" was prooved crimes due to CCTV....

This country & goverment has gone CRAZY...

  Quickbeam 11:32 20 May 2008

It's lazy policing...

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