Gen. Mc Chrystal relieved of command.

  john bunyan 18:53 23 Jun 2010

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What a shame such an intelligent soldier made such a silly mistake.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:00 23 Jun 2010

But don't criticise the government or you'll lose your job.

  961 19:21 23 Jun 2010

He was a soldier, and a good one.

They should either have trained him to deal with the press or appointed a press spokesman to talk to the media on his behalf

This campaign goes from bad to worse while our soldiers die at an ever increasing rate

The commander in chief seems to dither just like he did regarding the oil leak

As for the replacement, Patraeus looks unwell and collapsed in front of Congress last week. He looks in no way fit to undertake what is being asked of him

As has been said so many times on both sides of the pond. The soldiers can only hold the line while a political solution is worked out. Under this President, that looks farther away than ever

  morddwyd 20:25 23 Jun 2010

"America, land of the Free.

But don't criticise the government or you'll lose your job."

Not just America. Jock Stirrup was "retired early" earlier this month, because he didn't fit the new political profile.

  al's left peg 20:46 23 Jun 2010

Obama is the invisbile man of U.S politics. Apart from slagging off BP RE: the oil spill, I can't recall any of the massive changes he promised the US voters.

  ronalddonald 10:33 24 Jun 2010


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