Geeks and Nerds.

  SG Atlantis® 23:41 30 Dec 2005

Is that what we are?

I work in a non IT retail environment and as my interests are all tech related I get called a geek and a nerd. They talk continually about footy, I read PCA on my break.....

Would you consider it an insult?

  gudgulf 23:58 30 Dec 2005

There are only 10 types of people in this world.............those who understand binary and those who don't.

Football is alien territory to me too......and if that makes me a Geek then I'm proud to hold up my hand.......a knowledge of "footy" never fixed anyones computer,lol.

  PurplePenny 23:58 30 Dec 2005

They may intend it to be an insult but you should take it as a compliment as they obviously think that you are brainier than they are.

  namtaf 00:08 31 Dec 2005

Obviously, they talk about football! (I bet they buy the sun, eat yorkies and wear men's rear low cut jeans too!)

Geeks wear tech related tee shirts, laugh at episodes of diggnation and and are the guru within their circle and love to correct that new mate their friend has that "knows about computers" to re-affirm their status as supreme geek. But geeks are cool. Sex is rated slightly above a new piece of kit.

Nerds are antisocial, nocturnal creatures. They wear thick glasses and have a private stash of tech text books (where the more colourful text books should be).
oh and the kit comes first
There is however a very fine line!

  007al 00:47 31 Dec 2005

I have a tab on my tool bar,so i can click and get the football results.
Where does that leave me then?

  Kev.Ifty 00:49 31 Dec 2005

Take the test ;-)

click here

Sadly i failed. I ain't a nerd :-(

  josie mayhem 00:57 31 Dec 2005

I like the bit where they think you can give them an answer where ever you are too...

Saturday night out, you've been to several pubs/club type bars (I live in a town that for many years was in the genus book of records for the most pubs per head of population)and then you bump into someone you know, and it's why is my computer doing so and so or how do I do this on my computer 'what' can I think? no chance... ring me tomorrow when I'm sober and more interested.

But then you get me.... a friend of mine, who I know will be up on my way home from my Saturday night out, and I often text or ring and say I've got the pizza put the kettle on, was sat there one Saturday night and he turned the telly on to find out the x factor or what ever it is (don't watch telly)results and was completely gob smacked that I hadn't a glue what he was talking about...

To some I am a geek, but to others I am a armature who knows more than most!


Thank god for the help that can be found on PCA

  Kev.Ifty 01:11 31 Dec 2005

"I am a armature..."

Does that mean you're an 'armature supporter' of PCA?

Or maybe you just 'generate' a lot of good answers to help others?

Bestwishes Kev.

  rdave13 02:13 31 Dec 2005

Don't be so sensitive. They can't help themselves these brainwashed footie "fans".

  Chegs ®™ 03:09 31 Dec 2005

I hate football with a passion,it is not allowed in any state or form on the TV(which I rarely watch)Even the few seconds at the end of the News is disposed of by my turning off the TV.

My PC on the other hand,has preference over eating,drinking and frequently sleeping.I know as much as I could find out about all its hardware,I can also rectify most of its software problems.My neighbours used to think I was spending my days watching their kids playing outside through the window,until they spoke to their kids and found out I was actually sat at the PC and I was then a geek/nerd as I had been able to remedy every single PC brought round with an assortment of ailments from viral infestations to registry corruption.I care not what others think I am,I rarely venture outside other than to walk the dog or daughter to school,the weathers always crap so no need to go out any other times. ;-))

  jack 08:56 31 Dec 2005

Ho Hum - Footie - Telly - Eating out -boozing - aint it all a drag- cant they talk about anything else these bums!

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