GB is a nation of drinkers right

  ronalddonald 20:04 05 Apr 2010

so why are the youngsters running of to Spain to get drunk as the daily mail put it thousands of youngsters were enjoying themselves drinking or should I dare say getting drunk.

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Whos the victim and who is responsible the drunk or the parents or the friends or the sheer lack of irresponsibility in being in a foreign country. is booze really cheap in spain.

  Al94 20:55 05 Apr 2010

It's a cultural thing. I was very surprised to see a programme on ITV before 6.00pm this evening entitled "Drinking on Ice" discussing cocktails etc mostly supplied by Tesco, no one enjoys a drink more than I do but I was concerned at the content and timing of the programme.

  sunnystaines 20:58 05 Apr 2010

the 8000 students were at a festival i think it was a student sports one in salou.

i would rather they cause havoc in salou than in GB.

feel sorry for any decent holiday makers with the misfortune to have booked into one of their hotels.

the town has encouraged these antics as they are making a lot of money out of it, alas so far 3 girls have been raped there.

  jakimo 22:47 05 Apr 2010

Its wherever the Brits wander,why do they get drunk at the first sniff of a barmaids apron? is it something in the genes

  morddwyd 08:49 06 Apr 2010

The trouble is it's not at the first sniff of a barmaid's apron - that's happened to most of us as youngsters I suspect.

Today's problems are caused by deliberate and heavy binge drinking with the sole intention of getting helplessly drunk.

It's something in the current British culture rather than in the genes.

  Kevscar1 09:47 06 Apr 2010

This is the British version of the American Spring Break, another wonderful thing they have given us.

  Forum Editor 10:00 06 Apr 2010

but an examination of the facts as stated in the article would tell you that the girl who was raped was the victim, and she was "not falling down drunk." as far as the local Police were concerned.

The thousands of students are there for the Saloufest, and of course a lot of them will get drunk - they're young students, and they're out for a good time.

I don't see any mention of the greedy Spanish bar-keepers who apparently carry on serving the obviously drunk students. There are always two sides to a story, except where a rape is concerned - that is always a tragedy for the victim.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:08 06 Apr 2010

"There are always two sides to a story, except where a rape is concerned - that is always a tragedy for the victim"

It's a tragedy when someone is falsely accused and publicly vilified as well. Very rare, I know, but it has happened. I don't have a link to hand though- do I need to dig one up for anyone?

There are (at least) two sides to *every* story.


  Forum Editor 11:42 06 Apr 2010

Indeed it is, but then that's not rape,is it?

At one period in my life I was writing a layman's guide to the law, and as part of my research I spent several months watching cases in the London Courts - mainly in the Courts of Justice in the Strand.

I vividly remember one case in which a nurse alleged she was raped by a young doctor at a London hospital. I sat listening to the prosecution evidence until suddenly the judge interrupted - he said he was quite sure that in this case there had been no rape - it was a case of sex between consenting adults, and the woman regretted it later, so she decided to say she had been raped. The case was dismissed, and the defendant walked away a free man - I can still remember the look of relief on his face.

People are quite often falsely accused, but that doesn't alter the fact that in a true case of rape there can be no two sides to the story - rape is rape, and it's the most awful of crimes, bar murder.

  ronalddonald 12:04 06 Apr 2010

In a drunken state an individual is prone to do all sorts of things, and behavior of such cant be justified ie a drunk can change their story as many times with quite uncertainty and justification of their behavior.

I have seen drunks make accusations then deny they even made those accusations all because of alcohol as well as drugs. The student claims rape and i agree it is wrong but when in a drunken state of mind and body who is telling the truth unless DNA tests and other tests as well as witnesses are confirmed.

Although the student in question was vulnerable and taken advantage of by two Spaniards, surely the student could of taken steps by not getting drunk. She could of taken preventive steps. is getting drunk really having a good time? I t just annoys me someone else's daughter, mother, cousin, is a victim when prevention could of taken place. It just seems the Great Britain has lost its Morales.

One of the main things i see at uni is that drinking is a great thing to do and getting drunk specially from student unions and those who organise selling booze. I guess its one way for the University's to make money but it doesn't justify the actions the drunks take when they are not clear in their state of mind. I remember a time back when the police wouldn't believe a drunk were a sober person they would.

  Forum Editor 12:51 06 Apr 2010

that a female student shouldn't get drunk in case she's raped? I would agree that when a female gets drunk in such circumstances she might be considered to be placing herself at greater risk, but that makes the assumption that men are more likely to rape drunken women, and the rape statistics don't bear that out.

The truth is, some men will rape in certain circumstances - most men will not. Women are vulnerable, but it doesn't man they should be forced to spend their lives worrying about having a few drinks.

University students have always enjoyed drinking, it was certainly the case when I was at university, and has been so for a very long time. Students are young, and the young are inclined to overdo things. It has nothing to do with Great Britain losing its moral values.

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