GB know as bystanders

  ronalddonald 20:52 29 Jun 2010

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were now know as the British Bystanders who don't do a thing.

Then again if we did i wonder if we fall for double jeopardy, where the police arrest everyone even bystanders who did nothing or did something.

  sunnystaines 08:08 30 Jun 2010

I would help out if an lone innocent person was attacked but not between groups of youths.

i have done so in the past, not by hitting people but by pulling people apart and talking firmly to them with a bit of bluff.

  zzzz999 09:42 30 Jun 2010

ronald that report does suggest we are still prepared to wade in. Happened to me this year when we were coming home late at night and saw three heroes battering this one guy. I was in my car (which no doubt made me braver) and drove towards the assailants (full beam on pumping the horn). I think they thought it was the Police and stopped long enough for the guy to get away followed rather smartly by me :-)

  spuds 10:11 30 Jun 2010

I know the link was originally based on an incident in America, but perhaps if the laws in this country were more clear, then the 'nothing to do with us' attitude might change.

There have been a number of occasions when people have stated that 'auto pilot' kicked in, when they decided to help prevent an incident, which could have become far worse without intervention. Having second thought after the event, realism then kicks in, as to what could have occurred. Caveman instinct might be good, but is it always right!.

Then we have the attitude of the CPS, which can be very disturbing at the best of times. Police act on the advice of the CPS, but it as on occasions proved to be a downturn in respect.

I know of at least two cases, when members of the public were informed that they would be protected by the system, if they stood as witnesses. Then at a later stage the identity of the people were release, with bad results and consequences thereafter. No point in the CPS or Police apologizing after, when it shouldn't have occurred in the first place, and protection should have been paramount and fully guaranteed.

  Armchair 10:30 30 Jun 2010

Don't know how I'd react to something like this. I'm not trained in any combat techniques, though, so I'd probably come off worst.

  Armchair 10:37 30 Jun 2010

I'd probably be better off phoning the cops, and letting those professionals deal with it. I shouldn't have to do that, even, because my home town relies on a system of CCTV cameras for policing. They spent a lot of our money setting up that system, so hopefully it'll do the trick.

  zzzz999 10:50 30 Jun 2010

armchair, you can rip a camera down and beat off the assailants with it :-)

I usually find if you make a lot of noise those committing crime don't like that

  WhiteTruckMan 18:47 30 Jun 2010

nowadays before getting involved. There is considerable danger of being prosecuted either by the inevitable yooman rights lawyer for daring to interrupt some thug going about his normal vile activity, or get arrested by some PC shiny buttons when he eventually bothers to turn up.


  Forum Editor 19:11 30 Jun 2010

of a 12 year old schoolboy who was being attacked in the street by two 18 year old men. They were after the boy's wallet, and meant to get it, they had the boy down, and were kicking him.

To cut a longish story short, I was attacked by one man who grabbed a length of timber from a skip. The fight or flight response kicked in, and I quickly punched him hard in the face. He went down, and his mate ran off. The Police arrived, and arrested said man. I gave a statement.

Three days later I was visited by a policewoman who told me that I might be charged with assault - the man I hit had sustained a broken nose. It didn't happen, but it was a close thing, and I would think twice before getting so involved again.

  Uboat 20:05 30 Jun 2010

ronalddonald & FE in 1991 i was out drinking with a group of about 10 friends, We had been out about 1 hour so two pints maybe three later we made our way to another pub, as lads do on nights out one or two of them decided to have a pee down a side street which was due to be dug up & the buildings demolished,

we all waited for them & we heard shouting.?? the rest of us walked down about 40 foot into the street that was all fenced off (hole in the fence) & they was this guy aged about 45 beating the living daylights out of this woman! now she had tatoos & looked ROUGH!

but she didnt deserve that so we found out the friends of ours that went for this pee was supprised to see this guy beating this young women up who appeared to be a postitute & when we warned him to leave her SHE shouted such a verbal rant of swear words to us they was a 5 second silence! no one expected it! she said they was acting a sex scene but she was bleeding.? she told us to f.......f & thats EXACTLY what we did!..

  peter99co 21:22 30 Jun 2010

A friend of mine intervened when a man was hitting a woman and finished up putting the man on his back with a left hook. The woman then began to beat up my friend because he had flattened her husband. He had to fight her off and escape by beating a hasty retreat.

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