Gas prices

  realist 11:59 27 Oct 2008

British Gas tell me my monthly direct debit is going up from £35 to £78 a month. Is gas really going up that much, or am I giving them an interest-free loan?

  The Brigadier 12:25 27 Oct 2008

Have you thought of switching to a different supplier to get it cheaper?

  peter99co 12:26 27 Oct 2008

You should check your use from previous bills and if you do not agree you should phone the company.

British Gas increased their price up 35% on 30th July.

  birdface 12:51 27 Oct 2008

[you should phone the company.]That should add another £5 in phone calls.It used to be a bit of a nightmare phoning B/gas.Maybe they have improved lately.

  peter99co 14:58 27 Oct 2008

I sent an email to Npower and they phoned me! We discussed a lower tariff and they sent a new agreement within three days. I switched without changing companies.

  sunnystaines 15:05 27 Oct 2008

the BG gas bill is double mine are you in a mansion or a heavy user

  crosstrainer 15:06 27 Oct 2008

Had the same issues with this company, and despite proving that I was using far less gas then they stated, they still refused to drop the figure.

Solution? Swapped to Swalec, no problems. It pays to shop around, however tedious it might be :)

  oresome 15:35 27 Oct 2008

It may well be that you are running into arrears with the present payment and the new payment includes some catch up.

  BigRik 15:42 27 Oct 2008

We're with Atlantic Electric & Gas (part of the Scottish & Southern Energy Group), and from experience their customer service is fairly good. I wasn't too keen on the DD increase they wanted to put on me, so I phoned them up and they reduced it staight away. The lady I spoke to was actually surprised the new figure they gave me was so high.

However, I do wonder why I got a letter just 2 weeks ago notifying me that their gas prices were rising on average 29.2% from 25 August 2008.

  peter99co 15:45 27 Oct 2008

My Gas and Electric added together are less than your BG. (I am a low user)

  Stuartli 15:51 27 Oct 2008

Scottish and Southern, I was informed earlier today, supplies much of the gas that many of the other energy companies sell to you (at a profit).

S and S should not be confused with ScottishPower.

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