The gas man cometh.....

  realist 19:52 27 Jul 2006

...well, he was supposed to.

Waited in all morning for an "8am to 1pm" annual visit from the British Gas engineer. House all tidied up for once (like you have to) chained up and ashtrays emptied.

However, 1pm struck and still no Gas man.
Resigned to having been missed and expecting another card in the post... the house returned to its usual state of disarray and dog let loose.
Wife (Mrs.r) went off shopping, like they do.

2.15pm the phone rang.

Hello? Is Mrs.r there? ...No, I answered, she's gone shopping.
Oh...are you sure she's alright?
Well, I replied, as far as I knew, fit enough to shop anyway.
Who wants her?
This is Social Services here, are you Mrs.r's son?
No! Her husband.
Why do you want to know?
Well, Mrs.r had the gas man call this morning and he's been in touch with us (Social Services) as Mrs.r told him her toilet is blocked and she's having to use a bucket!

Transpires that the gas man not realising our houses are numbered consecutively called at Number X to service the boiler instead of my house (next door) Number Y.

The elderly lady who lives at Number X apparently replied yes when he asked if she was Mrs.r!

The poor soul is rather confused and I later ensured that she was in fact ok, her toilet isn't blocked, and she's receiving usual visits from her carers today.

Meanwhile, I am awaiting a card in the post to tell me when the gas man cometh next!

  oresome 19:59 27 Jul 2006

As your name implies, you're no doubt resigned to life's little upsets.

As least the old lady nxt door is OK and she got her boiler serviced for nowt..........She's not that confused!

  rdave13 20:30 27 Jul 2006

The gas man certainly made a mistake,the nextdoor lady certainly didn'!

  mammak 21:37 27 Jul 2006

Lol love it

  SG Atlantis® 23:31 27 Jul 2006


  josie mayhem 23:52 27 Jul 2006

Ooooo I could tell you so many stories about community care....

I used to be a team leader overseeing a countryside sector and I've seen and heard some things during that time... and working in the country wellie boots and a flipping high powered torch was a must....

I met many a charater, and been in some scary situations, beaten hasties retreats.... I used to have one client who always tried to get me to have a tot of whiskey with her... what ever time of day I was there morning, dinner, tea or bedtime....

I enjoyed the caring part of the job, but being in cahrge of a sector ment long hours trying to to cover the calls, when I left with being out on the road and in the office I was working upto 70 hours a week and would work sometimes upto 21 days on the trot and the miles I drove well they were countless.... I was trying to cover 450 hours of care with about 6 of us, doesn't work...

I bailed out when it not only started to effect my health, but my marriage almost went down the pan...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:13 28 Jul 2006

Sounds as if you remember Flanders and Swann.

Here is the link to the lyrics of The Gas Man Cometh

click here

some more of their stuff at click here

  realist 11:18 28 Jul 2006

Thanks for that Fruit Bat /\0/Great stuff!

  spuds 11:39 28 Jul 2006

Bit like an incident that I was involved in a year or so ago. Meter reader looking very forlorn, requested my help. Apparently he had been looking in the area (for some considerable time)for a block of houses and flats, so that he could read the meters. I suggested to him, that the houses in the area were all new build (very obvious), and had been so for about 2 to 3 years. Previously, houses and flats had been in the same location, but had all been demolished about 4 years ago.

It was obvious (to me) that some administration error had been made, but I still suspect the meter reader wasn't fully convinced on his departure!.

  johndrew 11:59 28 Jul 2006

`Sounds as if you remember Flanders and Swann.`

I`ve actually still got the LP with this on up in the loft. Thanks for reminding me; must get it down next time I have the boiler serviced!!!

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