Gas disconnection cost

  jay.p 19:30 27 Jul 2008

Just moved house which is all electric apart from a gas cooker point,but ours is electric.
Does anyone know how much it would cost to have the gas supply disconnected.
A neighbour thought it may be around £250.00.

  robgf 19:52 27 Jul 2008

I had mine disconnected some years ago and didn't pay anything.
I would think that as long as you don't register as a customer and request a gas supply, it's the gas suppliers problem.

  Stuartli 19:54 27 Jul 2008

Why not just ask British Gas?

click here

  jay.p 20:08 27 Jul 2008

Thanks,thats handy to know.

Fully intended to phone British gas on Monday,but being the impatient type,wanted to sort things out in my head now.
Thanks for the link.

  oresome 20:46 27 Jul 2008

How do I find out who supplies my new property?

If you're unsure of your current supplier then you can contact the Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS) for your area. You can obtain your local MPAS office number from Directory Enquiries . To find your gas supplier you can contact xoserve (formerly National Grid) on 0870 608 1524.

  birdface 08:43 28 Jul 2008

All electric.does that include your central heating.If it is just the gas connector that is stopping you from getting your electric cooker in place any corgi recognized plumber should be able to shift it for you.Off course you would probably have to get the gas board to remove it if you wanted it removed permanently.But remember if you ever want to resell the house it may put new buyers off from buying it.[sorry that was assuming that you were buying the house]If rented you may need permission from your landlord.Phoning British Gas can be a bit off a nightmare at times.So best of luck.

  NewestRoyWidd1 14:50 29 Jul 2008

Additional to the 0870 number given by oresome,I've found this one for xoserve 01217135128,which should be at a cheaper rate than an 0870 one.
I got the number from click here

  spuds 15:32 29 Jul 2008

Perhaps off tangent slightly, but at this moment there is a team of workers from Gas Alliance working on the neighbours and my property.They are doing a major underground and surface gas pipe replacement exercise in the area.

Disconnecting the supply, removal of gas meter to an outside location,replacing all underground piping and fixtures,including reinstating area, all for no cost.

But its hit a few problems. Gas off for 5 hours last Thursday. Gas off at 7.30am today, and now informed that I will have no gas supply till possibly tomorrow afternoon. An health and safety issue as occurred. Re-routing a 10'0" length of copper pipe over the top of the flat roofed porch requires scaffolding, because it is just over two metres high. The work-person is not allowed to use a ladder to clip and secure the pipe at this height. Scaffolders and scaffolding not available till tomorrow. But they have offered to loan us an electric hot plate for cooking purposes, if we need it, and until the gas supply is restored. Wonder if they will go as far as a Chinese takeaway :O)

  BT 16:48 29 Jul 2008

"Disconnecting the supply, removal of gas meter to an outside location,replacing all underground piping and fixtures,including reinstating area, all for no cost."

I had to have all this done last year because of a gas leak under the footpath outside my driveway. They had to dig two large holes to locate the leak and also the place where the pipe connected to the main. Then two more holes near the house to locate and reroute the new pipe.They then moved the meter to an outside box (standard practice now). The new pipe was installed by using an hyraulic 'mole' the length of my driveway. All this cost me nothing as my responsibility doesn't start till the meter.
Just hope I don't have trouble with my water pipe as the water people install their meter just inside the property boundary so I would have to pay for most of it. The £11.00 pa insurance for this seems a bargain.

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