Gas bill, out of interest??

  rickf 16:24 23 Mar 2011

Just wondering what others used over the very cold period from Dec-Feb out of interest. Mine is a 3bed semi-detached house and my bill was just under £400 with British Gas. What's yours? Interesting to compare.

  beynac 16:33 23 Mar 2011

That seems very high! Mine was £113.42. This was for a 3 bed semi on the outskirts of Norwich.

My supplier is e-on.

  Clapton is God 16:35 23 Mar 2011


I think the secret is to keep your doors and windows CLOSED during the cold winter months.

I'm also with BG, live in a 3-bed detached and mine was £160.

  BT 16:46 23 Mar 2011

Gas £235
Electric £117

British Gas Dual Fuel Account.

Central Heating goes on at 6.30am and off at 11.00pm
Thermostat set at 21c. We are at home all day as we are retired and I find it actually doesn't cost any more to leave it on continuously than to have on/off cycles. We have cavity wall insulation etc. and also use gas for cooking. This years bill was only £20 more than the same period last year despite it being a much colder winter.

  wiz-king 16:52 23 Mar 2011

Gas used for cooking, hot water and heating in a old detached 3 bed house - no cavities in the wall so no insulation £196. Heating on at 4AM till 8AM then 4PM till 9PM.

  QuizMan 17:04 23 Mar 2011

I am not far off the £400 (£389 to be precise) on a British Gas dual fuel rate for a 3-bed, 3 reception room semi.

Heating was on for 18 hours a day for much of the time.

  alB 17:52 23 Mar 2011

More or less £180 for central heating, one gas fire and cooking ...alB

  rickf 18:06 23 Mar 2011

Mine is closer to QuizMan's at £379. On some days during that period it was on 24hrs.I guess on average it's about right but would like to hear more from others.
I have 3 bedrooms, 2 receptions, a large kitchen, utility room, 1 bathroom, 2 toilets.

  oresome 18:39 23 Mar 2011

Our gas c.heating is normally on from 07:00 to 22:30, but during the very cold spell we kept it on overnight set at a lower temperature of 10C in the hall. It then first switched on at around 02:00.

We've just switched suppliers, but the normal monthly DD of £70 covered both the electric and gas final bills. (There will have been a surplus from the summer months).

Modern(ish) 4 bed detached house with 25 year old original boiler. Timber framed, double glazed and 270mm loft insulation.

  spuds 18:51 23 Mar 2011

We were rather surprised, as we were expecting a rather heavy dual fuel bill from Eon for the home.

Left the gas central heating on all the time with the thermostats set appropriately, and found the 'heat top-ups' didn't occur all that often, which was a surprise. Whole ray of the usual electrical goods on as and when.

Total bill, a little under £400.00, which we are happy with, especially as the government fuel allowance paid for most of it. Usually about £200.00 on average for the three other periods.

  flycatcher1 19:04 23 Mar 2011

We are with Eon Internet, the cost over the last three months, got a bill today, was £442.
3 bed detached, a bit large, solid walls and no Double Glazing. Roof well insulated.
We are retired and my wife feels the cold and needs the warmth. Roll on summer.

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