Gary Glitter Arrested in Savile Inquiry

  interzone55 09:20 28 Oct 2012

I today's least surprising news story, Gary Glitter has been arrested by police working on the Jimmy Savile inquiry.

I suppose the police are rounding up the usual suspects to make it look like they're doing something. Jonathan King will be next I think

  Condom 11:07 28 Oct 2012

Funny but I was thinking exactly the same myself yesterday. Perhaps a few more reputations will be on the line before this reaches any sort of conclusion?

  Forum Editor 11:14 28 Oct 2012

"I suppose the police are rounding up the usual suspects to make it look like they're doing something."

That remark illustrates your lack of understanding about the process. The Savile investigation is being carried out by 30 experienced officers, and an arrest means they have sufficient information to warrant that action, otherwise Glitter would simply be attending a Police station voluntarily. There are matters that they wish to question him about, and charges may or may not follow in due course.

My guess, and of course it's only a guess is that he was invited to attend and he refused. prompting the arrest.

There will no doubt be other arrests quite soon - there will certainly be some people who are going to be questioned under caution.

  oresome 14:50 28 Oct 2012

It's difficult enough getting a successful prosecution in a contemporary case of this nature. Obtaining one where the event is alleged to have taken place perhaps fifty years ago must be slim at best.

  interzone55 14:52 28 Oct 2012


Even more difficult when the alleged perpetrator is dead & buried

  Forum Editor 17:57 28 Oct 2012

"Even more difficult when the alleged perpetrator is dead & buried"

That's not so much of a problem as when the alleged victims won't support a prosecution, which is not uncommon where sex-crimes are involved.

The evidence which was provided to Surrey Police in 2009 was at the time considered insufficient for a prosecution to proceed, but now Alison Levitt QC, who is Chief legal adviser to the Crown Prosecution Service is looking at those four cases again, with a view to advising as to whether prosecutions might now proceed.

A dead person can obviously not be prosecuted, but it is possible to label such a person as a criminal. Savile will be labelled in this way, regardless of future developments because the sheer number of complaints made against him after his death make it pretty well impossible to maintain an assumption of innocence in all cases. That he was a serial abuser of young girls cannot now be in any doubt.

What is going to be interesting is to see what happens now as far as other alleged offenders - some of who are still alive - is concerned. The Police are investigating allegations against these people now, and one arrest (Gary Glitter, now released on bail) has already been made. There are bound to be others.

  john bunyan 18:35 28 Oct 2012

I suspect many DJ's etc will be scared of their collars being felt.It would not be appropriate to speculate on names but what happens in this sort of case?

Rolling Stone

  Bing.alau 18:49 28 Oct 2012

I've been thinking along the lines of which celebrity presenter will be next to be arrested. Glitter wasn't a presenter as far as I know. So who is going to be brought out in to the glare of the spotlight and accused of complicity in these crimes? There are some big presenters but I can't think of any that seem that type to me. Then again I just thought Jimmy Savile was a huge idiot and nothing more. It always amazed me that he got to where he did.

  Forum Editor 22:44 28 Oct 2012

Let's not start speculating about names. We'll know soon enough who, if anyone, will be next to be arrested and/or questioned.

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