Garbage e mails in my Bulk Folder!

  TonyV 21:18 15 Feb 2006

I actually put this in the Help Forum and have just realised that it should really have been placed in this area. It is not life threatening, but wondered what other people thought about the strange e mail addresses that get delivered to the person that they are not addressed to?

"I know that the garbage that ends up in my Bulk Folder is just that, Garbage! What I do not understand is why this e mail arrives at my box when the apparent address is not mine except for a part of the fist part and the Domain part. I have been twittering at BT Yahoo! Complaints Department, and they have now passed it on to the Techie people. If I want to follow it up I am to ring a phone number that they have provided. This, of course, I will not be doing, because on past experience, there will be no meaningful answer ensuing forth!

Tell me, do people on this forum get e mail that is not strictly addressed to them? I know full well, that if I send an e mail with an incorrect address it flies back to me so fast as to be untrue, so how is it that I get e mail that is not addressed to me?



  DieSse 22:22 15 Feb 2006

*so how is it that I get e mail that is not addressed to me?*

The short answer is that you can't and you don't.

What is happening is that your email address is in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) address field - so no-one ever sees it. You can only see addresses in the To and CC fields.

Many legitimate and spam bulk mailers use this legitimate privacy technique, as it hides your address from all the other recipients.

  TonyV 12:24 16 Feb 2006

May be it's me, but the address that I see is not my address. It says TO: and then an address that is not mine. So even if it is, as you say, a blind copy, surely my address must be on the copy that comes to me and not some one else's? This must mean that anyone can get e mail that is not strictly speaking addressed to them. So much for security!



  DieSse 16:07 16 Feb 2006

*surely my address must be on the copy that comes to me and not some one else's?*

No, it will only show the TO and CC addresses. The BCC addresses are never shown (if they were it wouldn't be a blind copy).

*This must mean that anyone can get e mail that is not strictly speaking addressed to them*

No - their address MUST be in either the TO, CC or BCC fields. So in that sense it IS addressed to them - just the address doesn't show.

That's the way it's supposed to work, and the way it does work I'm afraid.

The major legitimate use is for when a mailing list email is sent out, it avoids exposing all the people on the lists email addresses to all the people on the list. It's a privacy issue, not a security one.

  doc999 16:22 16 Feb 2006

Apart from my main email address that only family & friends use, i have a couple for pure junk, that way when i buy on-line or go for some free software on line to download, i know it will only go to a certain address.

It's so easy to get a free email address these days i just chop & change every now & then when i get lots of junk sent to me.

click here

  TonyV 16:46 16 Feb 2006

Thanks for the responses. I can see what you are saying DieSse, but I still maintain that with the so called modern technology that is available, at least the address of the blind copy to a specific person, rather than showing all the Blind List would not be too difficult to achieve. At least that way, individuals know that it is, in fact, correctly being addressed to them.

It is obviously not life threatening, but it does gall a wee bit when the likes of so called Banks like Halifax and Barclays are getting their name dragged through the mire by some disaffected geek who thinks this is the way that Joe Public wishes to do business with them! I would have thought that it would be in their interest to try and do something about this misuse of their name.(I do not have accounts with either of them any way!) There are also all the software offers and the "Pharmaceutical" offers that are constantly coming through!.

doc999, I don't really want to change my e mail address, and I also have one with Hotmail, yet that seems to be relatively clear of all this garbage.

There has been 6 garbage messages in the Bulk Folder today. This is about par for the course. As I have said before, at least BT Yahoo! detects them and puts them in to the Bulk Folder and therefore they do not get in to my Inbox in Outlet Express. I can view them through the BT Yahoo! web mail facility and they still do not come on to my machine.

I think I have said this before regarding other topics, Technology seems to take a step forward and three back-wards as far as making "systems" operate in the way the design engineers intended!



  DieSse 18:22 16 Feb 2006

*At least that way, individuals know that it is, in fact, correctly being addressed to them.*

If you get it - it's addressed to you - couldn't be any other way.

  TonyV 19:01 16 Feb 2006

But the APPEARANCE is that it is not actually addressed to you! Technology gone Barmy!

  DieSse 19:33 16 Feb 2006

It was always the same in the days of old tech office memos in many companies - a blind copy was one sent to someone (often your boss) to let them know what was going on, without letting anyone elso know they were getting a copy. It's not a technology thing at all.

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