Curio 15:14 17 Jun 2005

Identified - but escapes. Scroll down half a page click here

  amonra 16:02 17 Jun 2005

God ! He's a handsome chap !!!!!!!!!

  jan-boy 22:04 17 Jun 2005

Yeah. but sooooo old. :-)

  Pooke 14:06 18 Jun 2005

click here

found that on google image search! /eyes raise

  Curio 14:34 18 Jun 2005

That must be the Wizard in him.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:00 18 Jun 2005

I am far better looking and have the benefit of my own teeth. ;-)))


  Dragon Heart 23:49 21 Jun 2005

They are always attempting to cut off one of my cousins nine heads (poor old Hydra) for his teeth !

The problem for mystical beings like Gandalf and myself is that if we were to show our true selves to you mortals you would be so ashamed of your looks you would wither and die.

It's a tough job but someone has to do it !


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