Ganadores Lottery S.a. !WARNING!

  octal 21:45 09 Dec 2007

I know we know all about these scams on PCA, but this time the scum are targeting the old people. So if you have ageing parents, keep an eye on them.

My mum, aged 93, along with all the old people in her sheltered accommodation have received this letter, luckily my mum is as sharp as a new pin and saw straight though the letter and informed the warden. Some of the old dears are absolutely delighted they've won £615,810.00 and had to be informed otherwise. Those who live on their own might not be quite as lucky.

I don't have a scanner at the moment so I can't show you a copy of it, but the letter is titled

The address is:
Avd Juan Real 25 C.P.

Trading standards already know about this and it joins a very long list of others, what makes this particularly rotten is conning old people.

  Devil Fish 22:22 09 Dec 2007

thank you for the warning one of our neighbours cares for a couple of elderly people so i will pass this info on to her in the morning

  birdface 15:50 10 Dec 2007

I got mine in September.Slightly different.From Cordoba 28014.Madrid Spain.930.810 EUROS.Now as you say targeted on pensioners.Now having checked a few posts on Helproom other people are getting e-mail scams as well.But they all have the same target.Pensioners.What I would like to know is where are they getting the names and addresses me it can only be from a government source.Maybe they have lost more discs than they are telling us. The letters look so genuine that it would easy for someone to make the mistake and answer them.I have never heard of anyone being prosecuted for doing this.It is time that they were starting.

  octal 18:09 10 Dec 2007

"Maybe they have lost more discs than they are telling us."

Don't say that.

The name on my mum's letter is a bit odd, it's addressed to G <surname> instead of E <surname> she never uses G, she hates it so she uses her middle name. The only place I can think of is that they are getting the information from the electoral roll, I can't remember if the D.O.B is included.

The trouble with these scams is that there are loads of them and no sooner have they set the scam up they move on.

  Forum Editor 18:20 10 Dec 2007

These notification letters are becoming more sophisticated, and some of them are very plausible indeed. The days are gone when it was hard to understand how anyone in their right mind would fall for such a scam - I've seen letters that are extremely plausible, and I'm not surprised that some people fall for them.

The golden rule is simple really - if you didn't enter a lottery you're hardly likely to have won it, are you? Nobody, but nobody is going to award you a huge cash prize just for the thrill of it.

Just hold that thought, and you'll never be a victim.

  octal 19:34 10 Dec 2007

My answer to my mum was simple, they have your address then send a cheque, there's no need for them to ask for your bank details, just gi'us the cheque! I'll be out shootin' for me pork tomorrow.

  kollibri 15:58 24 Jun 2008

24 june 2008.

I have just recieved this notification and I do have a scanner so, I am going to forwarding this on to this forum in hope that it will help others to identify this "scam document" in question...if I can figure out how to do this.

I would have thought that if it was an authentic document, it would be addressed to me on the actual letter, but no, my name was on the envelope only.

It's amazing to think that they go through all that trouble to con me, then forget a simple thing like that!

Sorry, as far as sending a file is concerned, I dont think it can be done or ???

  BT 17:45 24 Jun 2008

"they are getting the information from the electoral roll"

When you are doing your annual Electoral Roll form make sure you tick the box that says you don't want your name included in the version that is sold to third parties. You will still be included in the Official Version which is only available to Official users.

  S5W 18:45 24 Jun 2008

Thanks for the heads up on this one.

You appear to have increased your bandwith F E :))

  octal 19:11 24 Jun 2008

Gosh! Is it still doing the rounds? It must be profitable for them to do.

Mum hasn't received any further communication like this.

  Bingalau 09:44 25 Jun 2008

My wife's just received one. As we have friends in Spain at the moment when I saw the letter addressed to my wife I never gave it a second thought. Then I heard her chuckling to herself, she called out to let me know we are big winners again. Whoopie! She says she will share it with me which is very big of her.

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