Gaming Fan's - Command & Conquer 3

  freaky 16:40 02 Apr 2007

EA Games have just released C&C (3) Tiberium Wars, and it's in the shops now.

Got mine today but have not installed it yet, but it's supposed to be excellent!

  wolfie3000 17:34 02 Apr 2007

Not my type of game but looks good,

Heres the link to it,

click here

  donki 20:15 02 Apr 2007

Playing the GDI campaign ATM so far im enjoying althou its a bit same old. The online gaming is excellent.

  donki 20:15 02 Apr 2007

Playing the GDI campaign ATM so far im enjoying althou its a bit same old. The online gaming is excellent.

  freaky 20:53 02 Apr 2007

Just downloaded Patch 1.03 it's 40MB ! And started GDI campaign.

Seems OK but too early to make a judgement!

Will also need to adjust the graphic settings that were set when it loaded.

Have played all the other C&C games and enjoyed them.

  Totally-braindead 22:57 02 Apr 2007

Had the demo on my PC for a few weeks and to tell the truth am not too taken with it.
Its the being able to skew round the whole battlefield I'm not keen on, its the same as C&C Generals is. I prefered the other older titles because I keep losing half my units as when I move the battlefield around to view from a different angle I get hopelessly lost.
It does look good though I must concede.
Prefer the original or the Red Alert series.

  freaky 18:59 03 Apr 2007

Hi.....know the experience, you can become completely disorientated by viewing from different angles then trying to get back to your original position.

A lot of games have provided for this problem by assigning a key or symbol, it then returns back to your original view.

Don't know if this is avaibable in C&C3, but you can 'pan' the screen by pressing/holding/dragging the right mouse button.

Which graphic card are you using for this game?

  Totally-braindead 19:10 03 Apr 2007

Nvidia 7600GS it runs perfectly at 1024 x 768 but its just the demo I have not the full game.
To be honest I don't think I'll be buying it its the viewing angles that confuse me, my troops are dead before I even know they are in bother so I much prefer the older C&C games. And there are a load of commands that can put me back the right side up but I still get disorientated.
I do always try to get a demo before I shell out for a game. I'm replaying Far Cry at the moment and what a beautiful game it is even now after all this time. I've given up on Splinter Cell Double Agent, its the most buggy piece of rubbish I've had for years.

  freaky 19:36 03 Apr 2007

My card is a Geforce 6600GT 250MB, with a 19" TFT.

I changed C&C from the default to 1280x1024 and it's fine. But I note that C&C by default has turned anti-aliasing off....what does this mean in layman terms and should I turn it on ?

Many thanks.

  Totally-braindead 20:17 03 Apr 2007

I know that AA will make the card work harder, if you find you have had to drop the resolution even with AA off then you would be better to leave it off.
Anti Aliasing rounds things off and makes them more pleasing to the eye click here

Theres no harm in trying it with it on and see what happens, if its too laggy then either turn it off again or try reducing resolution.

  freaky 20:35 03 Apr 2007

C&C had turned AA off before I changed the resolution.

According to the Manual, when you install the game it checks the PC and sets the graphics accordingly.

Many thanks for the link...something new to remember!

I will turn AA on and see what happens?

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