spikeychris 17:28 22 Sep 2004

Question do you do it? Do you do on-line stuff and if so how do you have the time?

My 16 year old sits upstairs in his room all day on his PS2 playing on-line games. Infact the only time I hear him talk is when he is screaming some obscenity into his wrap around mike to someone thousands of miles away. This tends to be things like I've already got you, you little tinker.

He has a helmet that has a VR screen and reckons that most of the people he plays against are a lot older than him?? Is this true.

Personally I have stayed clear as I know I would get hooked.

  Dorsai 17:46 22 Sep 2004

I tried on line gaming, and found it so cliquey. I was new to them, and they knew each other, and i was seen as an outsider, and most seemed uninterested in playing a game with me, other than a few who were also new to it. I havn't been back.

I don't miss it, so it don't bother me.

  Starfox 17:52 22 Sep 2004

Yep,my main reason for having a Pc is to play games,I can certainly relate to the screaming down the microphone etc I suppose you could say that I am addicted alright.As for being older I am 57 so you could say that some of us are older.:o)


  The Ghost of Inept Pig 13:31 23 Sep 2004

Indeed, I do it - although nowhere near as often as I used to.

I vastly prefer off-line gaming to online, not that I'm against pitting my wits against fellow people - it's just that I play games to escape into my own little world, not to socialise with a random assortment of people.

That said, I do occasionally venture online, as it has it's moments - especially when you're playing with people that you 'know' - the PCA Gamesroom introduced me to a nice bunch of gamers, who are more than game cannon fodder (most of whom can now be found loitering in various internet forums click here included)

As for age - I've played with a variety of ages, from teenages to people who are around the same age as Starfox (although I've never had the pleasure of being shot by him personally)

Dorsai - if you join up to a forum that has a games section (or even a games forum) and get to know the people therein - it tends to make being shot at much more fun.

  hooligan 21:25 23 Sep 2004

If it was me i`d take him to a pub and show him some females.

  It's Me 22:03 23 Sep 2004

I used to play cowboys and Indians when I was a kid. Played at being a soldier doing my National Service. I can't even cope with Lara whatever her name is! the keyboard stuff is too much. Never think about it, that is, I hasten to add, playing games on line.

  Gannondorf 00:25 24 Sep 2004

Me too.

Yes I am another gaming addict,about 50% of which is online gaming and definately addicted.
Not quite as old as Starfox but certainly over 50 so it seems wer'e not all teenagers at this gaming lark.

  helmetshine 11:20 24 Sep 2004

I was never interested in multi-player gaming {on or offline} until about 2 years ago...then i bought Medal Of Honor:Allied Assault....finished the single player and thought.....lets give it a go online....went into a Free For All shot to pieces {still do as well} but loved it..I've since joined a clan and regularily play in team matches,and thats even more fun....chatting to mates on Teamspeak whilst getting killed.

I find the only downside is the number of cheats out there....i don't mind being killed in a game,but whens it's by a spawnkilling,wallhacking aimbotter it does p me off to say the least.Apart from that i can only think of 3 things that are more involves women,one involves beer,and the other involves both.

Just re-read what i have written.....must remember to get a life sometime.

  Baledor 13:26 24 Sep 2004

I'd messed around with Command & Conquer online for a little while a few years ago, but soon go bored of it. When I bought my new all singing, all dancing laptop 2 years ago, I thought I would try Call of Duty when it came out, as I had played Medal of Honour on a friends Playstation 2 a few times, and I’d heard good things about CoD. I didn't expect the game to run as I know that laptops lack in the graphics card department, even though I had gone for the ATI Radeon 9000 (mobility)

I was blown away, not only did the game run fast, online was great fun, the only thing holding me back since then was the lack of broadband in our area. Now that I live in a BB enabled area (I didn't move just for that, I promise!) CoD is just amazing. I have not had the problems of Dorsai; most of the people I play against are friendly, although you do get some chopsy teenagers.

Hooligans response typifies the stigma involved with gaming, in fact when my mother in law comes round she will often quip "oh he's shooting Germans again!", but its all good natured and I don't let it get away with interfering with married life.

And for the age debate I’m 33, not as old as some but 'right crusty!’ according to some online youngsters! It’s like everything, good in moderation.

  matt1234 17:00 28 Sep 2004

im 13 and i live and sleep computer games i play online alot of hours (never counted) and always buy the latest games!!!

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:18 28 Sep 2004

i to am 13,i don't play online games that much,would you know of any martial-arts flash games?,you probly have a PS2 i don't,what games are you into?

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