A gamer's touching story.

  rdave13 20:41 27 Jul 2014

Came across this article about a lad who lost his dad at an early age, Yahoo Autos..

So games can get to mean other things to different people.

  bumpkin 21:21 27 Jul 2014

A gamer's touching story.

Poor title "A load of crap" would be more appropriate. Really no offence meant but not something that I can easily believe.

  rdave13 21:56 27 Jul 2014

bumpkin , possibly. The comment was posted two months ago. The video is something I wouldn't watch but could have struck a chord with 00WARTHERAPY00. It could also be crap but I don't believe so. I suppose someone could make up a story just for the hell of it and dupe all but was a comment left on a rather dull You Tube video. It is other people who picked up on the comment, so I can imagine its genuine. The older racing games certainly had a ghost car of the fastest laps in a race 'saved'.

  wee eddie 01:39 28 Jul 2014

It's a bit along the lines of: I found Jesus's face on my Macdonald's burger and since then my life has been wonderful.

There's a whole industry producing these "feel good" postings with the intention of sucking in the gullible. For what purpose I know not.

  rdave13 02:26 28 Jul 2014

wee eddie yes I know.

  rdave13 02:43 28 Jul 2014

I've given info on this matter, anyone bothered to do some research for more information as to what this story is about, rather than just shoot it down as crap? Anyone bothered to do so or just be the usual grumpy old cynical buggers you usually are on here? And lazy in your comfortable knowledge you think you have?

Just possibly you might be wrong this time?



It's a bloody good story anyway.

  carver 09:50 28 Jul 2014

There's some grumpy old buggers out today rdave13 and some times you just have to ignore them.

So the kid was still playing his dad after all that time on an x-box, good for him, me I still make things out of wood and look at them and wonder if it's as good as my father would have made it.

Don't we all have some thing in the back of our minds that we hold onto about the people we have loved and lost.

  rdave13 11:03 28 Jul 2014

Could well be Mr Mistoffelees but in this article it does say that "a ghost of the driver's best lap is loaded, saved or played every time one undertakes that race".

  bumpkin 11:49 28 Jul 2014

Nothing grumpy about me. A trifle cynical on occasions, yes like many others as we grow older :-)

  rdave13 12:02 28 Jul 2014

bumpkin , a very true statement.

  carver 18:46 28 Jul 2014

I'm not cynical at all , just don't believe every thing I'm told.

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