Game Consoles.

  rdave13 22:47 18 Apr 2010

Anyone remember the earlier game consoles? I remember the Lynx,gameboy, Amiga-CD32 and one of the earlier ones that had just 'tennis' on it. Can't see the 'tennis' console in thist list though.

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  ronalddonald 23:39 18 Apr 2010

I remember the bbc acorn computers way back in the 1980's and the Sir Clive Sinclair computer.

where you had to use the tape recorder to download the game into the computer to play on a tv screen.

Alas those were the days you would sit and learn to wait for things to happen and they would in good timing, now days there is no logic in waiting everything s rush rush and more hastily rushed

  ronalddonald 23:40 18 Apr 2010

i have to get to bed now

  Þ² 23:49 18 Apr 2010

I have two Sega Master System II consoles, both in full working order. Both over 20 years old, todays consoles won't last that long, and they are played regularly.

8bit Sonic is the best and was my first platformer.

  interzone55 10:24 19 Apr 2010

Found my old console on there, it's listed as an Interon VC400 on the site, but ours had a different name, somethink like Radiostar I think.

We had a cartridge with about 500 different versions of Space Invaders, and one with hundreds of versions of Break Out and Pong...

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