gah so much new technology

  wky 13:50 26 Jul 2006

It's so frustrating isn't it that so much new technology is being developed and you don't know which to get. For example the hd-dvd, and blu-ray war, in the future when I am ready to change my current dvd writers and players, which shall I choose because as far as i can see, they are both just as good. But if I choose one, then I cannot use the other type on the same player, so maybe I will have to buy both.

Also with the new HD Technology and moving to digital tv in a few years, it feels as if i'm falling behind.

Computers are even more annoying, graphics cards coming out, first it's pci express, now there's sli technology to combine two together. New ram and processors just jumping out from different places, dual core, 64 bit. Then you go and build a computer and find out that newer processors are out, but your mother board won't support em.

It's all confusing for me, What do you all think about this?

  packettracer 14:07 26 Jul 2006

I try to keep up with all the new technology out there, but at times it is difficult. Current DVD Multi-Layer writers are fine, the new blu-ray will be expensive to begin with then the price will fall.

I have a 64bit CPU but use a 32bit O/S, the CPU works well, yes dual-core would be nice, but then quad-core is coming out next year so may wait till then.

I have pci-express grahics, but am not a gamer, but still get great pictures using it.

I do however use pcadvisor & other mag forums to see the reviews, look at what is coming out & of course oggle at those pc's at £2k plus.

  sean-278262 15:00 26 Jul 2006

Just the way life is.

SLI isnt a new technology

click here

Been around since 1998 I thought it was 1997 but was wrong on lookin it up.

As for the 2 DVD formats look at the dvd+ and DVD- formats. The same thing will happen from people such as Nec, Lite-on and what not when they realise it is in their interest to produce dual format drives.

2k plus computers packettracer. Was on a site offering a system using so much tech it was over 10gs!

Still it is a pain that companies dont spend more time thinking about making things easier. Naming doesnt help things SKT A Socket 754 etc etc etc.

  spuds 16:56 26 Jul 2006

Personally, I blame all this on the day they stopped supplying starting handles with cars :O)

  Bapou 20:44 26 Jul 2006


My very first car, a Hillman Minx had a starting handle and it came in real handy on a very cold morning.

The second did not and I cursed it's absence when having to call out my neighbour to give a push. He cursed as well.

Happy days.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:38 26 Jul 2006

Might be a bit arder to crank one over nowadays as
1. we're getting older.
2. much higher compression on modern engines.

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