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Future large tax rises inevitable

  john bunyan 16:44 03 Apr 2020



Clearly preserving lives and helping businesses and individuals is paramount at the moment . However, if an when things return to “normal” , big tax rises are inevitable across the board.

  Forum Editor 17:17 03 Apr 2020

I imagine that most people expect this to happen - you rarely get something for nothing in this life.

Why do so many people hold a pen awkwardly nowadays?

  Quickbeam 17:25 03 Apr 2020

I imagine that it'll be paid for over a period equivalent to paying for a major was, mainly by today's school leavers as we paid for WW2.

Unless of course China should pay us vast reparations!

  Quickbeam 17:26 03 Apr 2020

Was = war

  BT 17:34 03 Apr 2020

Why do so many people hold a pen awkwardly nowadays?

Because they aren't taught how to hold it properly at school anymore. I recall back in the 50's we had 'Handwriting' lessons on a regular basis. How to correctly hold a pencil initially and when our writing was sufficiently 'good' we progressed to a dip pen'

I have noticed also that many youngsters can't even handle knives and forks properly. Most will spear a large piece of food and chew at it rather than cut it into bite sized pieces

  wee eddie 17:40 03 Apr 2020

The most effective way to raise Tax, would be to increase VAT to 25% on everything but food, already at Zero, and Medical Supplies.

However, that would reduce Demand ans slow recovery.

Back to the Drawing Board.

Soak the Rich: Sorry but many of them would just move their earnings elsewhere, and actually the result would be a lower amount of tax being raised.

Back to the Drawing Board.

Bung up Fuel Duty: As a result of the current crisis, many have found that it is quite feasible to work from home and the only people hit would be. the Low Paid, Manual Workers and Country folk.

Back to the Drawing Board:

  Forum Editor 17:50 03 Apr 2020

A 2012 survey of 2,000 adults by UK mailing firm Docmail found that on average, it had been 41 days since respondents wrote - and that two-thirds of us only write short notes like shopping lists.

Cursive writing - often referred to as 'joined up writing' is slowly but shortly being abandoned. US states such as Indiana have dropped teaching joined-up writing in schools entirely; Finland has phased out handwriting lessons; and Indian schools are reportedly abandoning it as well.

All this, despite studies showing that teaching children cursive writing may help them to learn to read, and make it easier for them to retain information.

Other studies have shown that teaching children to hold a pen in the way that was taught in schools for centuries makes it easier for them to learn to write legibly and fluently.

None of which has anything to do with increased taxation - my apologies for hijacking your thread.

  Forum Editor 17:59 03 Apr 2020

"Back to the Drawing Board"

Exactly. The art lies in clawing back money to pay for the borrowing, whilst at the same time stimulating the economy so there is money enough to claw back and more.

Once we are out on the other side of the current situation we need to generate revenues like never before, and that means foreign trade - lots of it. Our future prosperity lies in the hands of our exporters of goods and services. We need to sell, sell, and sell again and to do so we need a Chancellor who knows how to exert those delicate touches on the financial tiller that will help businesses to capture overseas orders.

Let's hope that Rishi Sunak is that Chancellor.

  john bunyan 18:00 03 Apr 2020

*Wee eddie *

Agreed mostly, but as , due to the drop in demand for fuel, I would have thought a rise in fuel duty is ok as the pump price could still be lower than before the crisis. This would be reduced as basic fuel price goes up. It is inevitable that , across the board, income tax will go up - maybe with an increase in the amount tax free - now £12,000.

  Forum Editor 18:43 03 Apr 2020

"maybe with an increase in the amount tax free - now £12,000."

I agree with that.

  john bunyan 20:01 03 Apr 2020


Interesting diversion on hand writing. As an oldie I regret it’s potential demise. Government laws are still written on vellum , and the rolls from over 500 years ago can still be read. It is hard, now , to read 5 1/2 floppy discs, 3” similar or Jazz drives so maybe there’s a place for handwriting- I still write letters and send proper birthday and other cards.

Taxation, post war , got pretty high . Hope those levels won’t come back but we’ll see

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