Future of gaming?

  wolfie3000 23:20 26 Oct 2005

More and more so called "mmorpg" games are appearing online so is this the future of gaming instead of playing against your pc you will be able to play with millions over the world.

I myself have been playing gunz online for a while with my brother who lives up north.

The game itself is completely free but others that have popped up are a monthly payment for playing.

Are these games the future of gaming? and will they become a great money spinner for the companies?

  wolfie3000 23:23 26 Oct 2005

click here a link to the game in question.

  flyingbrit 00:08 27 Oct 2005

Yea I agree with you the online gaming format is the way all games will be played in the future, one reason for this is that single player games can be coppied and cracked,so anyone can download them over the internet through file sharing sites and therefore bypassing the need for payment to gaming companies. As far as I know none of the online games can be copied so to play the game you have to buy it. As for monthly subscription games, my son is an avid gamer(he's just turned 15)and for one of his prezzies he got a game called Guild Wars which is an online game but with no subscription charge(one payment to buy the game,all play free)This is the way I think games should go and get away from monthly subs.

  wolfie3000 00:33 27 Oct 2005

i see the new mmorpg games as a step to something bigger the future of gaming is going to be an exciting one.

but as with most things if theres money to be made they will make it so they will no doubt charge for playing online in the future which is a shame.

i cant wait to see how this idea developes in the future.

And as for Gunz online i recomend it for you and your son i found it to be a great game maybe in the future we could go head to head flying brit e-mail me if your interested.

  Haol 12:23 27 Oct 2005

im currently downloading gunz online, it takes ages and i have broadband the file is 132.m
5 mb!

  wolfie3000 14:59 27 Oct 2005

Its well worth the time to download it Haol its a fantastic game.
Hope to see you on there soon maybe give me a battle :-)

  flyingbrit 15:41 27 Oct 2005

going head to head?........yea I'll have a go at that,although my sons a lot better at it than me!!I'll take a look at downloading it now......britsdad

  wolfie3000 15:43 27 Oct 2005

cool When im on playing look for the name Wolfiehunter thats me.

  flyingbrit 15:54 27 Oct 2005

If you like fps games try Return to Castle Wolfenstien Enemy Territory, it's not like RTCW single player game if you've ever played it, and like your gunz online it's free to download and free to play.My son loves it!!Great game.Wolfie I'll maybe see you on that aswell.

  flyingbrit 15:56 27 Oct 2005

oh, by the way I'm downloading gunZ, it doesn't seem slow to me,going along merrily at 117kb/sec

  wolfie3000 15:57 27 Oct 2005

i have seen castle wolfstien but never got around to downloading it as for gunz im glad you like it.
It can get addictive i was on it with my brother for 3 hours the best place is the mansion as you really get a sense of paranioa playing against others.

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