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A further question about making a Will

  bumpkin 22:23 25 Jul 2018

I am starting a new post on this as my previous one was a little too brief:-) I was contacted by a company "Will Power" who do a home visit service which suits me, it is £70+VAT which seems cheap enough. They say they will obtain probate and administer it for £3000+VAT which is acceptable. Does this mean they will be the executor and deal with all the paperwork. I know we are not lawyers buy any comments before I book the appointment please.

  Forum Editor 22:46 25 Jul 2018

"Does this mean they will be the executor and deal with all the paperwork."

It's entirely up to you to decide who is your executor. Most people like to appoint a trusted family member, or a solicitor, or both. I have acted as executor in the past, and it's a pretty straightforward process - an executor's main function is to ensure that the deceased wishes in relation to the disposal of his/her estate are adhered to.

You should consider whether appointing a third party who is not known to you, and is not a member of the legal profession is a wise move.

  hastelloy 07:46 26 Jul 2018

IMHO £70 + VAT is too cheap and £3000 + VAT is too expensive. I agree with both previous posts - find a local solicitor and, ideally, appoint family members as executors. October is free wills month (google it) if you want to wait that long.

  QuizMan 12:12 26 Jul 2018

It all depends on how complex your finances/estate are. My mother died earlier this year. She only had a property, some banks accounts and premium bonds. As sole executor, I did everything and had probate sorted before her funeral had been held. I was surprised how easy it was.

You defintely should get proper advice when drawing up a will. I cannot comment on the firm that has approached you although, personally, I have a healthy suspicion of cold callers. The probate fee may or not be right; it depends on the complexity involved. I do wonder, though, how they can quote such a fee without having had a face to face meeting yet.

  bumpkin 12:31 26 Jul 2018

I do wonder, though, how they can quote such a fee without having had a face to face meeting yet.

In their letter they state 1.5% up to max £3000.

  wee eddie 12:33 26 Jul 2018
  bumpkin 20:41 26 Jul 2018

Thanks we eddie, very informative link. My father in law passed away about 8yrs ago and I had to deal with his solicitor who charged 1% of anything other than the house and 0.5% on that plus £200 per hour for sorting out everything else. I did have to provide them with a load of information but was able to do that as a he kept everything in perfect order (Ex RAF). Cost around £6000 but as solicitors proper found a legal way to save me £4000 in inheritance tax. I was not unhappy with that at all. I think I should use them, the problem is that they are 35miles away in a place where it is impossible to park even with a badge and I can't walk far due to illness and it is up an alleyway only accesible by foot. I think this is still my best option, cab each way and just do it. I shall phone them.

  wee eddie 21:23 26 Jul 2018

Many Solicitors have more than one Office. If you tell them of your problem, they may have a solution. Afterall, you can't be the first and I'm sure that they want your business

  bumpkin 21:47 26 Jul 2018

wee eddie, as I said I will call them and try sort something out. I am vary wary of cold callers and their mailings when I can't get a direct answer to my questions.

  Watchman123 14:13 24 Aug 2018

The local Solicitor is definitly the best option. Wee Eddie and rdave13 have got it spot on. When my Solicitors found out I couldn't walk very far, they were so accomodating, they are based in the town centre and gave me a code so I could park right outside the front door! For anyone else who has difficulty with visiting Solicitors, make sure you let them know. If they are anything like my Solicitor, then they will be willing to bend over backwards to make it as easy as possible to visit the office. I hope you got on okay Bumpkin!

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