funniest moments.HAHA

  syylo 19:25 29 Nov 2008

Oh well i think its time we ALL chilled out from the negative lifestyle we have & lets uplift this place so id LOVE YOU to post any funny momments youve had please lets get this Forum moving in a posative way..besides what time of year is it..?

  newman35 19:42 29 Nov 2008

It's winter, I think.

  peter99co 19:48 29 Nov 2008

funny moments! When my neighbour threw a bucket of water at his car and let go of the bucket.

  DieSse 20:18 29 Nov 2008

"..i think its time we ALL chilled out from the negative lifestyle we have"

I don't have a negative lifestyle - if you have one, then I recommend you to change it. The key to your lifestyle is with you - not with others.

"Happiness consists of enjoying what you have and do - and not beating yourself up over what you don't have and don't do"

  peter99co 20:41 29 Nov 2008

I nearly posted, Negative? Speak for yourself!

  ronalddonald 21:14 29 Nov 2008

asked the wife to make me a cupa cupa cupa twea with 1 teapoon of biscuit.

  Legolas 21:20 29 Nov 2008

I'll have some of what your on ;)))

  Clapton is God 21:29 29 Nov 2008

I'm a grumpy old man.

I don't do funny moments

  newman35 22:02 29 Nov 2008

Oh come on, if you listen to 'clapped out' you MUST have a sense of humour. (;-)

  Switcher 22:56 29 Nov 2008

When our first child was born there was a problem.
My wife had to be moved from the local cottage hospital to a nearby Maternity hospital where the birth had to be INDUCED. When my wife was then returned to the smaller hospital a crowd of the patients gathered round to ask how she had got on
It was no bother she said but the doctor had to SEDUCE me first.

  mrwoowoo 23:07 29 Nov 2008

Funniest moment for my boys was when i told them to "stand back,i'll show you how it's done"before commandeering their sled.
I got up a good head of steam pushing it down the slope before diving onto the sled in a prone,forward facing position.But just as i did it hit a bare patch of tarmac and stopped dead.Unfortunately i didn't.I went face first into the road,flipped right over and continued without the sled on my back,feet first.
A funny moment for my neighbour was when my wife nagged me to replace the blown down fence panel in a gale force wind.I told her it was impossible and also dangerous but she argued that it had to go up straight away because of our dogs.
On lifting up the 6ft panel,the wind lifted me up and launched myself and the panel through the living room window where my neighbour and wife sat watching me whilst drinking a cup of tea.
I simply said "told you"before going off to find some wood to board the window up with.

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