'Fun Run' - got you tagged

  Seth Haniel 13:03 21 Jul 2008

Donkey Brae Run - Silver Sands Playing Fields

Electronic chip tagging is planned for the 7 mile race this year to provide accurate race times. Numbers and Electronic chips are to be collected on the day by all 7 mile runners from the Festival marquee on the field.
All lost chips will incur a £ 5 charge.

hope hey don't think people were cheating - have to have a drug testing station on hand too ;)

  spuds 14:26 21 Jul 2008

or a beer tent :O)

Aberdour brings back many happy memories. I wonder if a place called Goat Quarry still remains?.

  wiz-king 16:04 21 Jul 2008

Not uncommon, all of the London marathon runners have chips in their shoe laces.

  Seth Haniel 09:38 22 Jul 2008

Now I didn't know that - makes you wonder how many things they have tagged without your knowledge so they can keep tabs on you :(

  interzone55 10:24 22 Jul 2008

It's not exactly without your knowledge if they announce it in a press release...

The chip ensures that all runners times are accurate, the chips logs the runner past the start & finish lines, which is handy as many of the London Marathon fun runners are about a mile behind the front when the race starts.

  Seth Haniel 10:35 22 Jul 2008

I'm on about the technology being used by more deviant organisations -

  namtas 11:32 22 Jul 2008

I don't know about this particular situation The donor knows they are being tagged in all the situations that I have been involved as the tag is crimped onto the shoe shoelace.

  interzone55 11:45 22 Jul 2008

"I'm on about the technology being used by more deviant organisations"

What exactly do you mean?

RFID is very short range, the biggest user of the technology in the UK is the Oyster cards, but seeing as these need to be presented to the readers they only log as you pass through a barrier, or onto & off the buses. Additionally you can make the surveillance irrelevant by not registering the card.

A better way to monitor people is by mobile phone, any phone that is switched on can be tracked down to about 100m in most cities, maybe even closer in London where there are almost as many masts as people...

  dagbladet 11:45 22 Jul 2008

Great South Run is the same. Upon registration a 'tag is issued that goes around the ankle. Amongst other things it gives you an acuurate time of your 10 miles, bearing in mind it can take 10-15 minutes (or more) to cross the start line after the gun.

  dagbladet 11:48 22 Jul 2008


Sorry typed response, answered phone, got distracted, posted response an hour later and have now repeated your answer more or less.

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