Full pond cover suggestions to foil gull attacks

  TopCat® 17:12 03 Jul 2014

Hi guys (and ladies?) I need your help urgently.

After many attacks and loss of fish this year I need to bite the bullet and totally cover over my pond - photo at: click here would need to be a permanent design so that I can do plant and cleaning maintenance in the pond with access points (1) by the pond steps and (2) close to the white protein skimmer situated close by the waterfall entry. Above me would be a strong and rot-proof horizontal, small sized mesh net covering the whole top and sides of the pond.

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions to my query. TC.


  Aitchbee 17:27 03 Jul 2014

Why not try installing permanently, large life-like statues/effigies of Fish Eagles or other large BIRDS-OF-PREY. That might deter the gulls.

{Scarecrow principle}

  lotvic 18:34 03 Jul 2014

What about the Dome structure like the Dome Greenhouses but cover it in mesh instead of glass/polythene something like this Dome skeleton

I know that's wood but could easily get those Aluminium Domes Greenhouse frames and adapt and design your own shape.

  TopCat® 18:37 03 Jul 2014

Have tried several options like that, Aitchbee, but the culprit, a very large and mature male gull just ignores them. Recently bought a couple of PestReach Solar PIR LED animal repellers turned up to full power but the gull if oblivious to them.

For two years previously this gull never appeared so we had the emergency pond cover net off. Thought it may have died but no such luck! Now I'm fed up with the blasted bird appearing early morning, noon and evening trying to get at the fish.

I know its actions are natural but my fish were expensive. Last time it attacked I found stab wounds in two of my largest fish which were treated and put in quarantine until their wounds healed. Another unnecessary cost! TC.

  Forum Editor 18:48 03 Jul 2014

Have a look at this TC.

Not cheap, but durable and made to fit, with access panels as required.

I sympathise with you - I recently lost six fairly large Koi carp from my pond to a persistent and crafty Heron. It made its visits over three days when we were away from home.

  spuds 18:51 03 Jul 2014

These people seem to stock a range of 'seagull' goods click here

  TopCat® 00:12 04 Jul 2014

Thank you for your responses - very much appreciated. The wife and I are in discussion as to the best way to go on this matter. I await her verdict!! :)

From the photo link I provided it can be seen that the garden is virtually surrounded by many mature trees and bushes. In the autumn, or on some high wind situations, many leaves tend to fall into the pond, so the small sized mesh net we have covering the whole pond stops this happening.

So my requirement is to have the whole net permanently strung up about two feet or so above the central fountain. This would give me ample headroom and, as the pond has three different water depth levels, I can enter the pond quite easily, with the correct waders on, to carry out the maintenance. TC.

  carver 15:12 04 Jul 2014

TopCat you could always try one of these enter link description here may solve any problems.1

  wee eddie 15:58 04 Jul 2014

As some of the older members may remember, for 25 years I had a Café in a Georgian Courtyard in Ayr, a seaside resort.

We had a big problems with Gulls until a mate came back from a holiday in the Lakes with a catapult, quite a powerful one, and the instruction to use Ice Cubes. You don't even have to hit the blighters for them to take notice

  Bald Eagle 20:23 05 Jul 2014

I have a swimming pool in the garden here in Finistere and suffered from pigeons sitting in the slightly overhanging oak tree and messing in the pool. I bought the most powerful air rifle I could without a licence and shot two pigeons about two months ago. Never been troubled since.

  wee eddie 21:42 05 Jul 2014

Squab en croute. Traditional Breton dish!

BE: Whereabouts are you in Finisterre?

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