Full IPhone 5 Specs And Details Breaking Newx

  Crosstrainer2 12:28 14 Sep 2011

enter link description here

I posted this here, as it will become obvious that it does not belong in Mobile World. Hope the FE will forgive me :))

  Crosstrainer2 12:29 14 Sep 2011

Forgot to add a name to the link, but it works!

  Quickbeam 12:47 14 Sep 2011

It perfectly captures the essence of owning am icrapo!

  Crosstrainer2 12:57 14 Sep 2011


I own many Apple products including an iphone4 it's just the hype surrounding the upcoming release of it's succesor that gets my goat.

I know there are many who dislike Apple, but really don't know why......My iMac far surpasses previous PCs and theph one and iPad are a joy to use....Particularly if like me people have to spend time in bed.

IF you haven't tried an iPad and you have an Apple store close by, pop in and have a play....you might just.be surprised. This site is crawling today BTW

  wiz-king 13:03 14 Sep 2011

I am over whelmed!

  Quickbeam 13:22 14 Sep 2011


Nothing wrong with the products, it's the all encompassing notion of iApple, iTakeover the world, iKnowbest, iAm Iphone...

  interzone55 13:36 14 Sep 2011

I'm with Quickbeam, it's the overwhelming reverence that Apple fans display that gets my goat.

They queue for hours to be overcharged for their shiny new toy that will contain many bugs that Apple will deny all knowledge of but quietly slip out a software update that fixes all the bugs that don't actually exist. This update has a 50/50 chance of breaking some very important feature.

12 months later Apple announce iProduct X+1 and the process starts afresh.

At least Microsoft are honest when problems are found with their products and have pretty much given up on the idea of protecting market share by using courts to ban competitors products...

  Crosstrainer2 13:38 14 Sep 2011


And Microsoft Don't? Apple have always been a quirky outfit, and as you will know from years ago, I was always a Windows man, I earned a living from PC's and from teaching Microsoft qualifications.

In many cases, people seem to take an anti stance (as I sort of did) to Apple, but it was a little like the old Guiness ad...." I don't like it because I haven't tried it" It was an eye opener when I "Crossed to the dark side"

Apple products may have silly names, and they may be expensive due to the style factor, but the truth is that they just "Work"

Much less hassle installing software, few updates, no reboots are many of the plus points, and the reason people continue to purchase Apple kit.

I would not return to a PC now. As I mentioned before, if you ever get the chance....Have a play with some of their products..(Apple Stores are not hard sell, you can go in and play with whatever you like without feeling the need to buy anything.

Another major plus point is the quality of Apple's aftercare service.....It beats every single company I have ever dealt with (and thats a lot!) into a bloody pulp.

If I have a question, no matter how trivial, I have my own personal representative at Apple who phones me within an an hour of a quick email.

Always dealing with the same person has obvious advantages, but the people know their product field inside out means that you are not swapped from department to department looking for an answer.

I, for one am a convert.

  Autoschediastic 14:21 14 Sep 2011

Guys i think there is a bit of Hype on ANY software/Hardware now a days its the world today, ive had an iphone i thought it was fantastic! however i wouldnt have a new one cause i dont like some of the clauses within apples grasp like NOT been able to blutooth another phone UNLESS its an iphone?? how bad is that and also the fact the cameras are only 2/3 meg.?? these are £400+ phones and have just basic cameras?

Now ive not seen the i5 phone so i suppose improvements would of happened, i remember once been in the Vue cinema in Hull and myself and my wife was waiting for the film to start, so i got the phone out and started to check my texts when a guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said "Oh youve got one too what apps do you have ive got loads and i love my iphone so much its changed so many things in my life"?????? hey? i just replied yea there good phones aint they...

One of my mates is a DieHard iphone person and he wont have a bad word said about them, its almost like he has been possessed by his.?

  iambeavis 15:03 14 Sep 2011

On the subject of new things, at the moment I'm using 'Windows 8 Developers Preview'. It appears to be geared more towards touch screen usage than the mouse and the 'ribbon interface' is very apparent in 'Explorer'. I'm finding it a bit perplexing, but I would imagine that someone who's conversant with an 'iPad' or something similar would find themselves quite comfortable with it. Why do I meddle with things I know nothing about?

  interzone55 15:05 14 Sep 2011

its almost like he has been possessed by his

And that's my point - it's like Apple is now a religion.

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