Fuel Price Investigation by the OFT

  HondaMan 09:06 11 Sep 2012

Saw this today.

Any bets on what their report will say. My money is on something like "No further action by the OFT is needed"!

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:40 11 Sep 2012

I'm sure that, if the OFT investigation does result in reduced prices at the pumps, there will be suitably large duty increases to compensate, so we don't all go mad with the extra money.

  Condom 11:49 11 Sep 2012

Oh so that was the reason behind the report. I thought it was just to give some more work to the lawyers .... cynic me!

  HondaMan 11:52 11 Sep 2012

One of the worst elements of fuel price is the escalator which the last government built in to the price.

I know that the politicians say that this country has a financial problem and that the deficit needs to be dealt with, but on the other hand they are saying that we (the public) are not spending. IMHO they should reduce VAT which impinges on everything we buy and cut out the fuel price escalator altogether as fuel prices also affect most other items.

Rant over!

  HondaMan 13:11 11 Sep 2012

The purpose of the fuel price escalator is to wean us off our obsession with using up a finite resource as fast as we can.

Utter rubbish.

It's just a way for the state to raise money. They know that for a lot of people their car (status symbol) will be the last thing to go. Never mind their children, they can starve, but the car, the cigarettes and the booze have to stay

  interzone55 13:19 11 Sep 2012

Part of this investigation will cover supermarket fuel, and the possibility that they're using fuel as a loss leader, which is driving people from local garages.

Since this report was announced my local Asda has put up Diesel twice, by 2p a time. The other garages in the area are at the same price they were, but still 4p a litre dearer than Asda

  oresome 13:24 11 Sep 2012

I suspect that the major supermarkets treated fuel as a loss leader to draw customers in at one time.

They've now captured much of the market for fuel with many roadside filling stations closing down. Margins are being squeezed on foodstuffs with people trading down due to the economic climate, so they've improved margins where they can, fuel being one.

  Condom 14:46 11 Sep 2012

Forum Member

I can quite easily follow that up by saying that I have never considered the fuel efficiency of a car when buying it or the fuel cost of a journey if I have to make one.

My first consideration is always safety, hence why I normally now buy Saab or Volvo. My second consideration is comfort hence why I normally buy a large top of the range car. My third consideration is style hence why I used to buy large Citroens until they lost it after being taken over by Peugot. I don't travel much in the UK these days but when I do it is a case of fill up the tank when it needs it at the local supermarket but only when I am shopping there.

If I couldn't afford what I wanted then I would buy second hand or stop driving.

  HondaMan 16:32 11 Sep 2012

Unless you can honestly follow that up by saying you have never considered fuel efficiency when buying a car or never thought about the fuel cost of a journey then you have made my point for me.

Hand on heart, I can

  HondaMan 16:40 11 Sep 2012

Condom - couldn't agree more. Like you, I drive a Swede, a Volvo C30 T5 as it happens, the wife drives a Fiesta ST, neither of which are particularly frugal. As a "fun" car I drive an MX-5. I did not consider the green credentials when I bought. Safety and comfort were the deciding criteria not the running costs

If I had to worry about the running costs, I would rather not drive.

  interzone55 17:14 11 Sep 2012

Unlike some here, I've got more sense than money, so fuel efficiency comes top or next to the top of my buying considerations.

Last purchase I made I chose the most efficient car I could find that wasn't made of tin foil. I chose diesel because no-one currently makes an electric vehicle that can do my 130 mile daily journey with enough reserve to allow for cold days, and that can be charged from a 13v supply in under 12 hours.

I didn't chose a hybrid because in almost all cases I've seen 3rd party reports on, the real world efficiency is below that of an equivalent diesel.

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