Frozen Turkey

  Grey Goo 23:53 09 Nov 2008

I was shopping at Sainsbury's today and had a look at the frozen turkeys. Not very Bootiful Bernard Matthews 5Kg self basting at £30. They can poke them in the same place as the "Turkey Twizzlers" as far as I am concerned.

  dagnammit 23:55 09 Nov 2008

Never been a fan of Turkey.

  josie mayhem 00:00 10 Nov 2008

turkey are always expensive outside the christmas season... Give it another couple of weeks and the price will start to drop..

  lotvic 00:24 10 Nov 2008

you used the 'C' word, FE will not be amused methinks

  dagnammit 00:29 10 Nov 2008

Howabouts "Winter Festival" ?

  Si_L 00:30 10 Nov 2008

How about we can actually call it Christmas and the FE can learn to come to terms with the fact that the word exists outside of December?

  lotvic 00:50 10 Nov 2008

We might be okay, this year it started on here in May click here

  Quickbeam 07:18 10 Nov 2008

We're having a rib of beef and goose this Wintermas... I hear that the Turkeys have voted to give it a miss this year;)

  laurie53 08:10 10 Nov 2008

Might get a Norfolk Black for flavour, but for the rest only really useful as a basis - pies, curry, sarnies, etc.

  laurie53 08:37 10 Nov 2008

The FE's "ban" is honoured more in the breach than the observance.

As lotvic says, it started early and has made many appearances since, even more if you include euphemisms such as Winterfest or Wintermas, which defeat the whole object of his bit of fun anyway.

Of course, if the FE's little idiosyncrasies are really upsetting, you could always try somewhere else!

  Grey Goo 09:24 10 Nov 2008

What's a rib of Goose like?

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