front disc brakes

  day2strike 17:48 30 Jul 2008

Anyone know how much a pair of Front Disc Brakes for a N reg VW Polo would be & to fit?
I have a quote from one well known company which seems very expensive!

  ulrich 18:00 30 Jul 2008

Do shop around. I have two really good trusty mechanics near me, who I go to when I can't fix it.

  mrwoowoo 18:06 30 Jul 2008

Get a quote from a small local independant garage.
These are usually a lot cheaper.
Also ask your friends/family which garage they use so you know that they are reliable.

  spuds 19:34 30 Jul 2008

You could check click here for the price of the brakes on their vehicle checker. Fitting would be another arrangement, and price would depend on who you select locally.

You can also check their store location checker, thats nearest to you.

  SB23 19:59 30 Jul 2008

I'm with mrwoowoo on this.

I've just had an mot and a few bits done at a 3rd of what the larger companies want to charge.
Not to mention, I had the car back the same day, as opposed to be "ready tomorrow at 4pm!".

  al's left peg 21:59 30 Jul 2008

if you are a bit handy with a spanner and other tools, buy a Haynes manual and do it yourself. I have changed the brakes on all my cars until I purchased the latest vehicle I have now, a Renault Scenic. Like most modern cars it requires a special tool costing upwards of £55.00 to be able to tackle the job. A set of pads for a 1.4 / 1.6 Polo will probably set you back about £25.00. A couple of hours of your time and lending a haynes manual from the library should get you sorted.

  Al94 22:20 30 Jul 2008

Is it the discs or pads or both that need replaced?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:00 30 Jul 2008

click here get them from ebay and pay a mechanic to fit them.


  Simsy 00:39 31 Jul 2008

It's not clear whether you are referring to the pads, or the discs...

If it's just the pads, and if you're not doing them yourself, I'd expect to pay no more than about £50. That's about £25 each for parts and labour. I've no specific knowledge of your car and whether there's anything special that might increase that figure, but that's the sort of price I'd expect to pay someone who isn't a main dealer. Generally speaking replacing front brake pads, on most cars, is one of the easiest jobs there is. I don't have garage facilities and I can do it in about half an hour.

If we're talking about the actual discs, then I'd replace the pads as well, as a matter of routine, and would expect it to cost £160 - £180, unless at a main dealer. Again I've no knowlege of what might make this more costly on your car, but I'd expect the discs to cost about £80, the pads about £25, and about 1 hour labour.

Of course this will also vary throughout the country as well, with London being dearer!

Hope this helps,



  Quickbeam 08:54 31 Jul 2008

If you do average private mileage, then the low cost discount centre ones will last 2 or 3 years OK.

My cars do 60,000+ miles a year so I put premium Delphi Lockheed ones on that will last 80,000 miles with 4 pad sets...

Horses for courses and all that:)

  egapup 10:35 31 Jul 2008

Fitting disk pads is one of the easiest jobs on a car, DIY.

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