Frit Bat

  carmichy 12:39 27 Feb 2008

I was just wondering if this had any relevance to how fruit bat named himself.

This camp of over 10,000 fruit bats, readily seen at the Subic Bay Freeport, is one of the last large bat colonies of its kind. Found only in the Philippines, the Golden Crowned Flying Fox (Acerodon jubatus) and the Philippine Giant Fruit Bat (Pteropus vampyrus lanensis) are the largest bats in the world, with wingspans up to 2 meters. Bats such as these eat only plants and are critically important to the health of tropical forests in the Philippines.
By dispersing the seeds of forest fruits and spreading pollen between the forest flowers they visit, fruit bats maintain and restore forests by aiding in the reproduction of forest plants. Many fruit crops important to people, such as durian, wild banana, and kapok, also rely on fruit bats for their reproduction. Their cute, puppy-like faces add to their appeal. Despite this, fruit bats are heavily hunted, and the loss of their forest homes has made many of these bats endangered with extinction.

  carmichy 12:52 27 Feb 2008

Sorry That was supposed to say Fruit Bat

  Quickbeam 12:55 27 Feb 2008

I thought it was going to be about battered pommes frites... :))

  FungusBoggieman 13:34 27 Feb 2008


Now theres a horible thought BATTERED POMMES FRITES.

Belgian fries (english small chips) I thought that batterd mars bars were bad enought.

  Grey Goo 13:37 27 Feb 2008

I thought Frit Bat was the president of EUFA

  carmichy 13:39 27 Feb 2008

Can I leave this thread open until Fruit Bat reads it himself ?

  crosstrainer 15:17 27 Feb 2008

It seems that the fried faux-pas may not have been one after all (with apologies to fruit bat)

click here

And scroll down to the section on Cambodia....Not sure they were fried though :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:14 27 Feb 2008

"Bats such as these eat only plants"

"battered pommes frites"

Very fast connection ;0)

When oven chips first came out I used to take some for "snap" at work.
Someone found a picture of a fruit bat eating a chip and of course the name then stuck.

Some oven chips and a french bread pizza made a quickly cooked snack.

Do they still sell french bread pizza?

  wolfie3000 18:18 27 Feb 2008

"Do they still sell french bread pizza?"

Yep, most supermarkets sell them.

Favoured by students and gamers alike due to there cheapness,

Also many online gamers eat them due to the fact there less messy than normal pizza (no keyboard spillage).

  rawprawn 19:24 27 Feb 2008

I blush to say that I used to get paid sixpence each for the fruit bats I could shoot in the citrus orchards in the Blue Mountains (NSW). A .22 rifle and a torch used to pay for my weekend visits to the beaches around Sydney

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:39 27 Feb 2008

Nice to have a thread nmed after me :0)

Shame on you :0( Fruit Bats definately don't eat lead.

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