Friese Green's film on BBC2

  Pidder 18:01 26 Apr 2006

Sorry if I've missed this elsewhere, but what display unit is Dan whatsisname using on his TV prog about Friese Green's 1920s colour film?

  keith-236134 19:45 26 Apr 2006

Doesn't it tell you on the site??

  Pidder 18:24 27 Apr 2006

Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. I'm talking about the TV programme where Dan uses a small hand-held display similar to a laptop screen to show interviewees parts of the Friese-Greene film. I haven't found anything on the web site to indicate what he is using and I thought knowledgeable folks on this forum would instantly recognise it. Perhaps no one watches the programme.

  blanco 18:46 27 Apr 2006

I have been watching the programmes but I just assumed it was a portable DVD player. It looked similar to some I have seen in the shops.

  Pidder 18:56 27 Apr 2006

Thanks for yours. They seem to move the "display" around and also poke it, which I thought a DVD player wouldn't stand, also it seems to be folded back on itself. I thought it must be some sort of solid-state device.

  ade.h 21:50 27 Apr 2006

Must be a touch-screen tablet, then. Unless Mr. Cruickshank has somehow got his hands on an Origami!

  mco 22:40 27 Apr 2006

I assumed it was all fake anyway. I mean, I didn't really believe when he was showing parts of the film to people that they were really viewing them. Maybe that's me being cynical.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:57 02 May 2006

It is not a fake and this is the here


  ade.h 21:58 02 May 2006

I think I've found out what it is: click here It's a DVD player made by Nextbase. (Someone more eagle-eyed than me spotted the name on the casing).

  ade.h 21:59 02 May 2006

One minute! I'm going to have to type quicker....

  Pidder 11:02 03 May 2006

Thanks to you both for that. I had seen the name in yesterday's programme but hadn't got round to Googling it. Seems a quite reasonable price for what appears to be a nice piece of kit.

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