friends reunited now 100% FREE

  charmingman 00:22 04 Aug 2008

Just thought id share this with you all ive just checked my account & i got a message stating its now completely free to use!!
Bonus as ive been a paying customer for years..

click here

  Chegs ®™ 03:04 04 Aug 2008

I joined FriendsUnited years ago and as the only feature I could see I gained through paying was the ability to contact all my "friends" I opted not to pay.I still get emails telling me I have new friends joined but despite spending hours checking I saw no new names listed in my groups so havent visited the site in quite some time.

  laurie53 08:41 04 Aug 2008

Me neither, which may well be a clue as to why they have dropped their charges!

  €dstowe 08:59 04 Aug 2008

Similarly, I joined a long time ago. The only person that contacted me was someone who "you would never share the same lift with".

Complete waste of time for me but, I do know people who have struck up some good friendships through the organisation and I did hear of a couple who met up and married.

  Brumas 09:03 04 Aug 2008

Still no use - I have no friends :o((

  spuds 09:07 04 Aug 2008

Bingalau won't like that ;o)

  crosstrainer 09:18 04 Aug 2008

Try making the puzzle easier then lol :))

  charmingman 09:48 04 Aug 2008

There is also website's like FaceBook that have clearly put the pressure on them as facebook have live chat also ive managed to make contact with nearly ALL of the people & friends ive worked with or wanted to gain contact with over the years & havent been able to with "FR"as they charge & not everyone see's there charge as value for money or simply wont pay,also with FaceBook plus there is the option to see your contacts photos/albums they upload, so i suppose "FR" had to either reduce there price or stop charging people cause there is now a lot of competition for them & they dont realy offer a service that other websites do for FREE....

  Bingalau 09:59 04 Aug 2008

Brumas. You said it!

  day2strike 11:40 04 Aug 2008

If i had wanted to keep in touch with those i was at school with i would have done so.
I did not want to then & i dont now!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:56 04 Aug 2008

Most of my school friends have been executed, been sectioned on many occasions or jailed for long periods. It would be safe to assume that I do not want contact with the rest of them.


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