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As from Friday same sex couples can marry in England and Wales.

  Forum Editor 17:10 26 Mar 2014

It's a landmark piece of legislation, and of course it's long overdue, but there is still a considerable amount of opposition in the population.

If you are a dissenter I'm interested to hear your views - and if possible your reasons for holding them.

  bumpkin 20:51 29 Mar 2014

If men want to get married then bugger it let it be.

  bumpkin 21:30 29 Mar 2014

Men should marry women, simple as that, all this pussy footing around with equal rights and PC is a load of crap.

  bumpkin 21:56 29 Mar 2014

A194, glad someone does it makes a refreshing change.

  spuds 10:26 30 Mar 2014

I only hope that the media lose interest on this subject over the coming months, because seeing how this subject is getting rave reviews, then its going to get very tiresome.

I have friends who are in same sex relationships, and even they are getting fed-up with all the hype being portrayed by some sections of the community, and that includes some 'over the top' gays who consider themselves being extremely special seeking or bringing attention to themselves.

  Forum Editor 22:44 31 Mar 2014

Tonight's episode of 'Rev' on BBC2 put this rather sad situation into perfect perspective, I feel. Many clerics must feel uneasy with Church law as it stands.

  wee eddie 23:22 31 Mar 2014

FE: that begs the question.

Where does a gay Cleric go to get wed?

  namtas 16:11 01 Apr 2014

Many clerics must feel uneasy with Church law as it stands.

Why should they feel uneasy?

  Forum Editor 18:36 01 Apr 2014


I didn't say they should feel uneasy, I said many of them must feel uneasy.


Perhaps they feel that a truly loving God would not countenance a rule that says Gay people cannot marry in church. As far as I am aware neither God nor Jesus decided that gay people are somehow less deserving than heterosexuals. Men, writing down their opinions and experiences in the Bible did that.

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