Friday 13th

  Cymro. 09:43 13 Oct 2006

I am not superstitious and so think all this Friday the 13th business a load of rubbish. Computers are logical things and so I have always thought of the people who use them as logical people. How many of you then think that Friday the 13th is in some way unlucky?

  Bob The Nob© 10:22 13 Oct 2006

I will tell you later. If I nak owt up it will, if i don't it isn't.
We will see as the day goes by :-)

  JaneAusten 10:25 13 Oct 2006

I was blissfully unaware until now :-(

  anskyber 10:28 13 Oct 2006

Not me, but there are some out there, many in fact. click here

  anskyber 10:29 13 Oct 2006

The background. click here

  it_girl 10:44 13 Oct 2006

JaneAusten I'm with you.
However I do recall something that says that all the bad luck can be dumped onto the person who reminded everyone.
You sould get back to your bed Cymro but the roof might fall in on

  spuds 11:05 13 Oct 2006

Going to get my lottery tickets for the big draw tomorrow, if I can find my way through the fog in my area. So I will tell you tomorrow evening or Sunday, whether today the 13th as been unlucky.

  it_girl 11:13 13 Oct 2006

Big Euro draw to-night >£50m then I could take full control of this
Honestly, there will be absolutely no sacking!

  Jackcoms 11:42 13 Oct 2006

Well, I've already had one piece of bad news today. :-((

I'm currently job hunting and had spoken to an employment agency, earlier in the week, who indicated that I had a good chance of being called for interview for a job I had applied for online.

That agency called back today to say that, unfortunately, I would NOT be called for interview as the company had other candidates who more closely matched their needs.

Anybody need a finance/office manager in the Sussex/Surrey area? :-)

  Cymro. 12:06 13 Oct 2006

The roof fell in on me last evening when you would not tell me who those people you ware talking about were on that other posting about the gym. You know how to disappoint a man.

  tammer 12:23 13 Oct 2006

...see this:

click here

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